Who is your dream date [part 3]

In the previous quizzes i have made you met Kyler, David, Ben, and Andy. Kyler-the hot [somewhat of the player kind] David- the sweet but can be annoying one. Ben-the hilarious one. and Andy- the somewhat shy one. Who will be yours?

Who do u like? Who will become your boyfriend? Ben, David, Andy, or Kyler????????????? I can't wait to make the next one which will be coming out soon hopefully, thanks for all the support on these quizzes.

Created by: bballxloverxo

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  1. So, you hear to guys in your room. What was your reaction?
  2. They take the blanket off of you and put a bandana around your eyes, mouth, and hands, you try yelling for the guys but they can't hear you. who would u yell for?
  3. You have been taken into a different room but you know you're in the same house. The two guys take off the bandanas and say their names are Cory and Matt. They say they know about how the the four guys, Ben, David, Kyler, and Andy are doing that thing with you. They want apart of it. They say they want you to date them. But of course you don't want to. You start screaming and all of a sudden Kyler comes in and is like "WTF GET AWAY FROM HER!!!" they start having a fight and all the other guys come in and get into it. You're sitting there screaming and crying and by accident you get slapped by Matt. You fall to the ground, and Ben picks you up and takes you to another room.
  4. Ben is sitting with you in the room tending to your arm [where you got slapped]. "Are you okay?" you ask him. "Yeah, i'm just worried about you." he replies. All of a sudden all the other three guys come in and see your wound, they start paniking and try to help you. "OMG" you say, "are you guys alright? "Who's Cory and Matt?" "IDK" they say. Who do you want to tend to you?
  5. "What happened to Cory and Matt?" you ask. "They're outta here." replied Andy. You're taken into a another room by Kyler. "I'm sorry for the night at dinner." he tells you. "Oh, it's okay." "What happened?" he asked. "Nothing. I'm fine. Just drop it. Okay?" "Sure. W/e." he replies. You go over to David to see if he's ok.
  6. You're in his room. you sit on his bed and you guys start talking. "So" u say. "i haven't heard much about you." "yeah" he replies. "so what do i need to know about you?" you ask him. "well, i'm into math. but i have to ask YOU a question." "Yes..." "Will you go to a movie with me?" "Sure, when?" "How about Saturday?" "cool see you then!"
  7. You're a little freaked out about everything that has happened. So you go outside and check out the property. You see Matt and Cory standing there talking and all of a sudden they see you. You run back towards the house but they catch you. They drag you towards a small car and the last thing you yell before you're in the car is...
  8. All four guys hear something and they run outside to see if you're okay. They see the car driving away and they know they have to save you. They try to get in the car and follow you but by the time they're on the road you're gone. What are you thinking?
  9. "OKAY, we are not planning on hurting you unless we have to." Cory says. "Well where are you taking me?" you ask them. "You'll see..." Matt says.
  10. Guess you'll have to wait till next time to see where Cory and Matt are taking you. I'm sorry, again ANOTHER CLIFF-HANGER!! =D Come back for part 4 to see =D

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Quiz topic: Who is my dream date [part 3]