How well do you know your musical terminology?

David Archuleta fans are pretty savvy: we can discuss and analyze and rate his music like no one else. We know our David! But how well do you know your musical terminology?

Imagine that you finally get to meet David, and you want to say something intelligent about his amazing gift. Here is your chance to get smart! And this quiz will get you prepped and ready for the Masterclass Lady Fanblast Chat on Friday at 9pm EST.

Created by: Jenny of davidarchuletafanblast
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  1. If David was singing a song with an "adagio" tempo, what would it sound like?
  2. David has executed a "glissando." What has he done?
  3. David's intonation has been been highly praised. What is intonation?
  4. David's version of "And So It Goes" had a beautiful instance of modulation. What is modulation?
  5. "Smokey Mountain Memories" featured an impressive tessitura. What is a tessitura?
  6. Many of David's fans wanted him to sing a cappella. What does this mean?
  7. David, fortunately, is not a "castrato." What is a "castrato?"
  8. A good question for the Masterclass Lady is "how many octaves can David sing in?" What is an octave?
  9. Many popular songs have a "refrain." What is a refrain?
  10. What does the "tone" of a song express?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my musical terminology?