The Ultimate Music Quiz

Welcome to the level 1 music quiz: There are many smart people in this world, but very few are musical geniuses! How well do you know music? Well, why dont you put your knowlege to the test?

ARE YOU A MUSICAL GENIUS? Do you have the skills to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But, thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Fiyah of thatboyfiyah
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  1. what was the Isley brother's first major record deal?
  2. What was the name of Bob Marley's band?
  3. what is the name of the band who sings the famous original "we will rock you"
  4. where are the Isley brothers from?
  5. finnish the famous temptations song title: "Poppa was__________"
  6. the dancehall hit "Mr. Lover Man" was performed by:
  7. the dancehall hit "murder she wrote" was performed by which band?
  8. what female artist was dubbed "the dancehall queen."
  9. who is the Godfather of soul?
  10. what famous producer started the "we are the world" movement?
  11. what is the name of the artist who sang the original "don't worry, be happy"
  12. finnish the line from the famous temptations song... "when its cold outside, I've got____"
  13. what is the name of the group featuring: gerald levert, keith sweat, and johnny gill?
  14. what band is lionel richie from?
  15. what artist starred in the movie "purple rain"
  16. what group performed the southern classic "southernplayalisticcaddilacmuzic"
  17. what group performed the southern classic "southernplayalisticcaddilacmuzic"

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