What Kind of Mother Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of mother you would be? Or maybe, what kind of mother your mom is? Well, just take this quiz, and find out! There are five different kinds of moms. Which are you?

Do you feel like you would be protective a strict? Maybe it all depends on your mood. Or are you sure you would be more of a friend than a mom? Go on, by the time you're done, you'll know!

Created by: SugerCube

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  1. Your daughter wants to ride the bus home with her friend on Friday, and spend the night at her house. Your response is to...
  2. You get a call from your son's third grade teacher. She says that he threw a book at another child. You..
  3. Your daughter wants to go on a date with a guy you've never met, or heard of before. You...
  4. Your daughter skips a piano concert. You..
  5. Your teenage son comes home from a party with a tattoo. You..
  6. Your two children are fighting over who gets to watch what on the TV. You...
  7. Your two children are fighting over who gets to watch what on the TV. You...
  8. Your daughter missed her curfew, and hasn't called for hours, and her phone appears to be off. You..
  9. Your son comes home with a D in Algebra. You...
  10. That's all! Rate, and comment~

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Mother am I?