naruto expert quiz

this quiz is about the naruto series.... it includes the first part and shippuden part... so good luck! and try to achieve the highest score as possible...

are you a naruto expert?? well, try this 11 question quiz and let's see how far can you go.. maybe not really far but what the heck, just do the best you can give!

Created by: Lim

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  1. what is naruto's rank after the 2 and a half year training with jiraiya?
  2. who is the jinchuuriki of the shukaku?
  3. Rock lee,Gai, and who else did Gai give the green suit he and lee always wear?
  4. How did Asuma died in part 2?
  5. what is the name of kankurou's 3rd puppet?
  6. out of these four, who is the newest akatsuki member?
  7. whom did the kyuubi mentioned when he saw sasuke's look on the kyuubi?
  8. to whom did tsunade gave her necklace?
  9. what is the japanese name of the techinique "phantom dragon's nine consuming seal"?
  10. true or false: The leader of akatsuki is the fourth hokage?

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