Ninja challenge extreme

If you think you can take the heat then take the naruto test. you may not become a ninja but if you try to become a master many things may will be hard so don't take it if not prepared. you will most likely be a great ninja.

Are you a naruto expert? then you should take the ninja quiz. it will be hard so don't take it if not will be tested on how well you know naruto will you be a out standing ninja or just a disgrace to your clan? only you can find the path to becoming hokage

Created by: Justin Wyvill

  1. What is Naruto's favorite food?
  2. What does naruto want to be when he grows up?
  3. Who is Naruto's number 1 rival?
  4. Who does naruto like?
  5. Which of these are used by naruto?
  6. Who is naruto's master?
  7. Who does naruto call bushy brow?
  8. Who is like a father to naruto?
  9. who is like a brother to naruto?
  10. who is this quiz about?

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