Do u know Naruto??

naruto is a very popular anime. How well do you know about nauto?there are many people al over the world, but only a few know much about it. You may be an average person, or maybe even an expert. you maybe a little low on the rank, or maybe one of the very best..

Are you a naruto fan?? do you know a lot about naruto? do you know how many members there are in team seven? if you know even this much, you could get a good score.but dont be over-confident! it may not do you good!get ready, take this quiz and find out how much of a Naruto fan you are!!

Created by: Hinata

  1. what is sealed inside naruto?
  2. _____ are sealed inside _____ .
  3. when does sakura get super strength?
  4. how is byakugan unlike sharingan?
  5. what are the ninja weapons used by Haku called??
  6. who are the members of team kurenai?
  7. what are the frogs that Naruto can summon??
  8. what do orochimaru, jiraiya, and tsunade summon in respective order??
  9. How do You activate Mangekyou sharingan?
  10. Why did sasuke betray konoha and go to Orochimaru??

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