My TRUE Love Story

Hello! Say wha here, as you see this is my TRUE love story. Ok some of my info you needz to know: I'm 12 ears old as of 12-26-15 I met a guy at my church he is 5 months older. Please comment. You can rate but I want comments more please! Thanks!

Are you going to comment? Do you have the enough amount of kindness and love to atleast say, I have nothing useful to say. Then you can say it! TYSM! ILY! Peace!

Created by: Say wha

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  1. Date 12-25-15 I've known a guy at my church for 3 years.
  2. In spring-time I developed something.
  3. A crush. I told his younger sis. (My friend)
  4. Bout it she said cool.
  5. 1 week later we (My friend, crush, 2 sisters and I) were playing hide-n-seek in the dark.
  6. So I went and hid where my crush hid. I said "I've wanted to tel you something for awhile now."
  7. Then he says, "I know, you like me."
  8. I'm like "What? How'd you know?"
  9. He said "My sis told me." And in that moment I thought she was a traitor.
  10. 1 week later, after church, his sis tells me he likes me. Tbh, that day I couldn't stop smilin'.
  11. In October my youth group went on a field-trip to see a movie.
  12. Before the movie started, one of our friends came and asked "Do you still like him? Be honest."
  13. I told him, "Let me think about it."
  14. After the movie I said, "Not anymore."
  15. So now my crush knows that... But I think I want to be more then friends. Well we're best friends.
  16. Please comment and/or rate. I would really like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

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