My Shout Outs! (April 2017)

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Created by: Moonflower786

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  1. Welcome, one and all, to my annual shout out quiz!
  2. My first shout out goes to Hana Akao. Hana supposedly committed suicide a few weeks before this quiz was made. R.I.P., Hana.
  3. On a brighter note, my next shout out goes to Cherryblossom (Japanese_Potato). She has been one of my best friends, and I hope we can continue to be friends.
  4. The third shout out goes to Magie Magic, a good roleplay buddy and a great lounge friend, too.
  5. The next shout out goes to The Geek, Maruicea and Next. If your posts weren't in my thread, it wouldn't be what is was and my core wouldn't be made of iron.
  6. This shout out goes to Jayfeather310. I haven't known you long, but I reckon we could be good friends.
  7. Next shout out goes to GTQ Guy. You probably won't see this, but than you for making this amazing site. It really has been my escape from reality.
  8. And finally, I want to than all of the mods. You make this site more than just that... You make it a community. I especially want to thank Dark22978. You were the one who got the Moonfag posts out of my thread.
  9. If I missed you, tell me in the comments.
  10. Last question!
  11. Last question!

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