My Shout Out Quiz #2

This is my second shout out quiz for more people I met since Decemeber 30, 2015 (the day I joined GTQ)! You may be on this. And you may not be on it.

Now I'll give you a warning: there will be a surprise on the last question! I'm warning you, this surprise might make you fall out of your chair! Now go on and take my second shout out quiz!

Created by: O1Awesomeness

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  1. My first shout out goes to a good friend: Slayerbrine!
  2. My next shout out goes to Gogirl!
  3. The next shout out goes to Kalafina!
  4. My next shout out goes to a good friend: eyeless jackie!
  5. Next one: IAmJosh
  6. Another one: DJ Khaled!
  7. Next one: Roboticlus Prime!
  8. Next one: 1714!
  9. Next one: cody17!
  10. Now for the surprise: My last shout out goes to godofminecraft56!

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