Mrs Brown's boys

this is a quiz about Mrs Browns Boys, if you think you have what it takes then have a go. if not go away. this quiz will show how smart or dumb you really are.

Are you a genius? do you have what it takes to be a super hero like me, and do you know Mrs Browns boys like i do, if so have a go. haha that also rhymes.

Created by: Shane

  1. who plays Mrs Brown
  2. what is Mrs Browns Friend called
  3. In one of the episodes what does Mrs Brown say is on the floor when she realises father Guin is in the living room.
  4. who does Mrs Brown want to play in the nativity
  5. in one of the episodes what does Cathy Brown try to get to make men like her.
  6. what is the Brand name on Dermot Browns advertisements
  7. who does Mrs Brown use as the baby Jesus in the 2013 Christmas special
  8. what does Mrs Brown offer the plumber who fixes her en-suite toilet.
  9. who does Mrs Brown turn into in the episode SuperMammy
  10. at the beginning of the 2011-2012 shows who's face doesn't show up, but does in 2013.
  11. where does Mark, Betty and Bono Brown have to go to when their is no work for Mark.
  12. what word does Mrs Brown use instead of private parts.
  13. who does Cathy date but then find out he's married.
  14. what does grandad Brown sit on in the episode IMammy
  15. where does Mrs Brown come from

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