LOL-Love On Limbo Part 2

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Thanks for taking this quiz! I forgot to mention this in the first one but this is a quiz for girls only. Also, if you haven't takem the first one, stop and take it otherwise you will be very confused! I'll describe the boys in every part, too!

Matt: Curly, light brown hair, glasses that aren't feaky/nerdy,`brown eyes Brandon: Shaggy dirty blonde hair, blue eyes Joey: Buzzcut black hair, dark brown (nearly black) eyes

Created by: Ann Onymous

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  1. Thanks for the comments! I'll do my best to add more details this time around! Also: a shoutout to my first four QuizTakers, Firey_Soul, CodySimpsonLuv, hootie27, and natuhleegayle! Please leave comments describing EXACTLY what you want, because those last few didn't help!
  2. Recap: You are on your date with Joey, when all of a sudden you feel a tap on your shoulder...
  3. You feel a sharp tap on your shoulder. You turn around and see a boy who looks around a year or two older than you. You gasp, Joey gasps, and the boy takes off before you can get a good look at him.
  4. Joey looks a you, his dark eyes sparkling in the moonlight. You two sit there for a while, trying to forget the strange boy. Joey looks over at you, as if he has an idea. "_______, there's something I wanted to say to you." he says. "Sure, Joey. What is it?"you reply, happy to break the silence. Joey bites his lip. "Well, I, uh..." He seems to shake something off, then leans in and kisses you. You react by:
  5. *Fast Forward To School, Next Day* You keep spotting Joey giving you strange looks. All throughout the day, right up until lunch, you worry about him. He isn't his usual happy self, and neither is Matt.
  6. You notice Jennifer and Christian aren't there. "Where's jennifer and Christian?" you ask Jillian. She always seems to know what's going on. "They skipped school together. Doesn't surprise me, 'cause they'd start a riot-or a war-if one of them got hurt." she replies. "And you know all this HOW?" you ask, astonished. Jillian just flips her hair and says, "The boys are talking about you. Oh, by the way, Brandon and Joey are going to be sitting with us every day now." She gestures toward where Matt, Brandon, and Joey are... Arguing?!
  7. You walk over to where all the boys (except Christian and Raymond) are sitting. Instantly, they stop arguing and watch you. "So what's up?" you ask, vainly trying to start a conversation. "Not much. Just the fact that you're hot and we're cool." said Joey, trying to lighten the mood. Brandon glares at you. "Why'd ya KISS him?" he says irritably. "IT WASN'T MY FAULT! HE KISSED ME FIRST!" you scream. Brandon loooks shocked. You storm away in a rage. Lili, Jillian, and Marissa try to comfort you, but you run out and cry as soon as they let the students out.
  8. You have only been crying on the bench when you feel a hand on your shoulder and hear a familiar voice. "Mind if I sit with you?" You swipe at the fat tears rolling down your cheeks and turn around. You are surprised and slightly embarrassed to see him there. "Sure." You say. Matt watches you for a minute. "It was Brandon, wasn't it?" "You know me so well, it creeps me out!"
  9. "It was him, wasn't it?" Matt says. You sniffle and wipe away your tears. "Yes, it was. Why is he like that?" you ask. Matt suddenly looks uneasy. "_______, I know Brandon." "WHAT?" you explode. "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING?" "I'll explain it all, if you'll go on a date with me tonight." Matt says with a sly grin. "Oh, all right." "Great! I'll meet you in the local park at 8 tonight." he says cheerfully. You can't help but smile.
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry, not the best but PLEASE leave specifics about what you'd like in the next few parts! Also, I'd like to give you QuizTakers a quick heads up that I'm loaded with homework every night (I'm in middle school, duh!) and I have cramped schedule. Long story short, I think it's a miracle I got the first two parts out in one night and the rest will probably come out on the weekends. Thanks! Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Who do you like?

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