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  • First of all I'm sorry for not responding the fist quiz cause my stupid computer didn't work :( and second nice series! And third I think what you should do is make her special, like she has powers or fairest girl ever or something but nobody else I just like doing that or what you can do to create drama is that some stalker takes her or something or what you can do is that... Well umm, I have to think , ok while I'm thinking myself to sleep i'll just think about what could happen in this story and

    think about new characters in my quiz series also..... Oh god I can add you :) :P whatever any who and fourth: AWESOME! And fifth: if you have school tomorrow then HAHA! I dont and if you don't then... Well this is awekward, and sixth good night!!! :D *starts singing* IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT ! YEA!!!...

  • Wow PuffBall can you predict the future? Anyway I like this quiz a lot more because you added some more details. I always fall for the cute blondes I like blondes so that means I like Brandon. Wow i've gone on two dates in the last two quiz's. The guys seem really obsessive over me I like that. You could add something like PuffBall said something the readers didn't expect. Like well, something you could think of....... I love your story and i'm glad I have a fan girl :D

  • WOW that was great. I think you should use puffball's idea but also use your imagination in it to make a great story. Well i'm bored so bye :)

  • I over react in this story a lot! xD Idk who I like, either Brandon or Matt. Cool story so far, and yeah. I agree with PuffBall. btw, Yay! I was first in the shoutouts! :D *sings* I'm sexy and I know it! xD


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