Magicly crazy love!

In this quiz you have super powers and you go to a school were other kids have super powers also. Please rate and comment and tell me who got. i dont know what to say, you ever read the book The winter of red snow.

Heres a description of the three boys. Jake-short blonde hair w/ blue eyes, he flys. Sam-short brown hair w/ brown eyes, he has super strength. Max-long hair w/ brown eyes, he has invisibility.

Created by: Nicole

  1. You enter the front doors of the school where you see kids running down the hallways getting yelled at by teachers, kids are in small groups talking among each other,while the rest are messing around with there powers.And you mumble under your breath.....
  2. So you walk over to your locker and put your stuff in your locker. What are some of the things you put in there?
  3. As your putting your things in there some dude walks up to you and says ''Hi, my names Sam'' ''Hi, im _____'' you say. What are you thinking right know?
  4. So you go to your first class which is in the gym. You sit down on the floor with every one else in front of the stage becuse the teacher hasnt showd up yet. And sitting next to you is a dude. He puts his hand out and says ''hello my names Max''. You shake it and say ''hi, im _____'' ''thats a very beatiful name'' he says. What are you thinking right now?
  5. So you continue talking with Max until the teacher shows up. ''Hello my name is Mr. Alt, today i will be testing your powers to see whether you would be a hero or sidekick'' Mr. Alt said.''First up is _____'' he says. You go up there and say ''so ill need a voulenteer''. A tall girl with blonde hair and blue eyes raised her hand, you pointed to here and said ''come on up''. As soon as she was up there you say ''think of something, anything''. You look at here and ''your thinking of your dog, a pitbull named Gypsy''. ''correct'' she says while smiling. ''Mind reading'' Mr.Alt says. ''Okay so your a sidekick'' Mr.Alt says. ''Since your already up here you'll be up next, Jessica. You get off the stage and take your seat next to Max. At the end of class Max says to you ''sit with me at lunch'' and then leaves.
  6. As you walk out of the room you run into a dude and you both fall on the ground. ''I am so sorry'' you say as he helps you up. ''Dont worry about it, im Jake by the way''. ''Im _____'' you say. ''Sit with me at lunch'' Jake says and walks away.
  7. So you walk up to your locker and Sam is there '' Sit with me at lunch'' He says and walks away.
  8. You walk into the cafetiria, who do you sit with?
  9. You and whoever you chose sit together and you guys just talk and talk and talk and talk.
  10. Please rate and comment!!!!!

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