Mirror Lake part 1

This is a story about a girl named Spring and her little sister Sophia they go to a lake called mirror lake why they call it that you will have to find out.

Ya so I have nothing to say on this last paragraph la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la al al al al al la la la la l al ala l alal a l ala la lalal la la

Created by: shadow wolf 195
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  1. I felt hopeless, abandon, terrified, and the most out of all lost. I was so thirsty. The camping trip soppiest to be filled with happens and fun has turned into a nightmare. I have been walking for hours since I got lost on the hike with my family. There was a earth quake that split the ground in front of me I am stuck with my little sister Sophia. I am caring her on my back it is so tiring but I will not put her down she is to weak all I need to do is find a safe place near some water.
  2. By the looks of the sun it at least six o'clock. I smell something moist I put sophia down and took her hand we were walking side by side when I saw a shimmer light I pulled some leaves out of the way and saw a bright shimmering lake. Sophia ran towards it and sat at the edge splashing the refreshing water all over her face. Sophia looked up at me with her big green eyes and dirt stained blonde hair and asked "what are we going to eat. "Sophia I have my bow and arrows remember this was a hunting trip so I have my pocket knife as while" Sophia looked a little more cheerful. I bent down and saw my self in the reflection my blond hair as bright as Sophia's but I have blue eyes.
  3. I felt stupid all I had in my back pack was are clothing two small sleeping bags and a empty water bottle. I was looking around trying to see if I could find a sine for where we were. There was a carving in a rock that said Mirror lake it had what it was soppiest to be on it some legend.
  4. Mirror Lake this lake got its name by taking people to a place called Avalon
  5. I remember reading about this on the computer when a couple weeks ago. I was telling Sophia about it when she said she was tired I made a small fort out of fallen trees for her and rolled out are sleeping bag's we were going to find some place tomorrow
  6. Sophia asked if we could go swimming I said do you have your swim suet she pulled up her shirt and she was waring it I wont let her go swimming alone and I was waring my swim suet as well. She ran full speed into the water it was pretty shallow. Sophia got tiered fast we got out and fell asleep.
  7. We were packing up to leave when Sophia said "can I please go for one last swim pleas Spring" fine be careful I wont be watching you the hole time." she was seven and swam very wheal so I let her. I had my back pack with all are stuff in it on my back and I was ready to go when I herd a big splash towards the middle of the lake.
  8. turned to see a what it was and Sophia was no where to be seen I jumped in with my back pack on. It all went black.
  9. ok well I am going to have to stop there.
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