Mirror Lake part 2

this is part two I hope you will like it. It was kinda rushed sorry.

ya I have nothing else to say so la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la lLA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA L A L A LA LA

Created by: shadow wolf 195

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  1. Spring woke up on the ground she looked around the unfamiliar place above her she saw water but it was not falling. It was in the air right above her she was serenaded by trees every where she looked. They were a bright green they matched Sophia’ eyes Spring got up thinking of her sister, she was no where. Spring was running around trying to figure out why the Mirror Lake was the sky and where she was where Sophia went.
  2. She final fell to the ground and cried. She felt a small hand on her shoulder “why are you crying spring” Spring thought jumped up and hugged Sophia. “I thought I lost you don't ever do that agin. “I wont where are we” “I don’t know really” “Thats not good” “well maybe we can find some people.” “I am hungry” Spring reached up and grabbed a banana she saw hanging from a tree she looked around and saw all of the trees had incredible fruit on them some she nose about others are complete mysteries.
  3. Spring and Sophia were looking around when Spring herd a crunch she turned around and saw Sophia had taken a bite out of a fruit the color of the rainbow. Sophia started burping out rainbow bubbles. They fell over laughing every time Sophia would laugh a big rainbow bubble would come out. The rainbow bubbles stopped and they kept going they were seeing deer that had blue spots birds with purple feathers, frogs that were pink, “this place might be Avalon” Sophia said “Sophia we are just hallucinating” “I thought you said it was impassable to have the same hallucination” I did when did I say that” “Spring this has to be Avalon maybe if we find the water lilly she can tell us.” There is no such thing as the water lilly she is just a myth.
  4. They were walking threw a dense forest area when a blue green monkey jumped in front of them he was fallowed by lots more. (monkeys have green arms and legs with a blue body yellow sharp teeth and purple eyes.) The monkey spoke “you can not pass the gates to the Avalon kingdom” “The what” Spring said with a astonished look on her face. “you have got to be kidding me talking rainbow monkeys” out of no where a boy came out of a tree he was about Spring’s age he had blonde hair and purple blue eyes. that makes you fell safe. “ok Boodon let them pass I don't think they are harmful” “Thank you mister” Sophia said “those monkeys are mean” “ha ha I know they protect the kingdom the bad undead creatures.” “undead hold up hold up did you say undead as in vampier undead” Spring said “yes yes you most be familiar with them” “no we came from the lake that is your sky.” Sophia said with a big smile.
  5. My name is Chris” “this is my little sister Sophia and I am Spring.” It was almost dark the sky still had a moon and it was full they herd a howl “We have to go the werewolves are changing” “I will take you to the water lilly” “I told you she was real” “do you have any magic spring and Sophia from the sky” “no we have no magic and you can just call us Spring and Sophia”
  6. They got to the kingdom it looked like a big moon stone with doors and windows. They got to the door and a person came out at first Spring that he was really tall then she saw the horse part” Sophia walked up to him and said “is this what happens when you have horsey food” “ha ha ha ha no little girl I am just made like this” he said in a deep voice. They let them in and they were heading up the stairs to what Spring was thinking most be the water lilly’s room. Chris nocked on her door. “come in” A female voice said they walked in and the girl looked eighteen “hello I am lily” “hi nice to meet you, you are pretty” Sophia said “Thank you little girl” Lily had long brown hair and green eyes.
  7. “Chris can you call your sister to show are gust to there room” “I can” Lily cut him of “no I need to talk to you” “ok” “Ever come here” in no time a girl came threw the doors “yes Chris” can you take Spring and her little sister Sophia to there rooms thank you” Ever had black hair and pale blue eyes. Sophia got to her room first. It was a purple room the walls were made out of a purple gem Sophia's bed was a ocean blue with bright green pillows.
  8. Springs room was made out of a huge sapphire there were two beds Ever walked over to the one by the window. “you don't mind if we share a room” “of course not” “so what are you Ever a vampier werewolf both” “I a, both” “cool is there a way you can turn me into one” “yes why” “well I have always wonted to be a werewolf vampier” “yes butt there is two things one I can only do it under the full moon two you might be turned into a dark angle it kinda happens sometimes not all the time but I thought I should worn you.” “ok well then not tonight I am so tired good night Ever” “night Spring”
  9. Ok so I will not have another story for about a week I have to go camping and if you go to the thing below I fond some cool things about a water lily.
  10. In a small village there once lived a beautiful woman. All of the men of the village fell in love with her including ones that were married. One day the women decided to follow her on her way to collect the herbs from the lake nearby their village. The women caught her and slowly tortured her burning and cutting her body until she was close to death all the while taunting her saying how she was no longer the fairest. Near to the woman's end they threw her into the water sea. It is said that the water cooled her pain and made her feel steady, like the unjust doings had never happened to her. That is how she turned to the mystical Water Lily Faerie or sprite, for the Water of the Lake had been the Portalway to the Mystical Land of Avalon. The people or Fae of Avalon or Avalonia took pity on the poor woman as it wasn't her fault she irrestistable. The poor woman had never set out to make the rest of the women in the village feel less beautiful or unimportant to their husbands. For this woman was a truly amazing soul. She had the beauty most women (and sometimes men) envied, but what most of us will never see, even if we live to be a thousand, was that she had a heart that could've been a million times larger than anyones. Fae gave her the option to go back into the Mortal World and make the other women pay for the treacheress deeds they had committed. But the amazing woman simply told the Council of the Fae that she did not hold any grudges against the women, what they did was unjust, but they were in their rights to feel intimidated. The Fae were dumbfounded they had never seen such bravery or purity in a human that they bestowed upon her the magic of being a Faerie herself and for ever more her decendants were gifted the magic of being to morph into the beautiful flower that is the Water Lily. So be careful next time you walk past a lake with a single, beautiful lily, one more splendid and magical than you've ever seen, the woman or the woman's descendants may be out to get you for the deeds you've done that may not have been right.

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