How L.O. can you go?

Lake Orion is my hometown, a great place to raise a family. Blue Ribbon schools and all. If you didn't know about Lake Orion, you will after this quiz!

So, what do you know about Lake Orion? Lets test your knowledge and see if you are an "Orionite"! Even if you live there, you might find this quiz a bit challenging! Good Luck!

Created by: Lynn
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  1. What is the high school mascot?
  2. How many other names does M-24 have in Lake Orion?
  3. What road is the township hall located on?
  4. What year was the township incorporated?
  5. What is the approximate township population?
  6. Approximate median yearly household income?
  7. What is the name of the state park?
  8. Which automaker has a manufacturing facility here?
  9. Where living is a ...?
  10. Whats the big golf course named?

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Quiz topic: How L.O. can I go?