Meet Me Halfway Part 2

This is part 2 of 'Meet Me Halfway' don't worry it gets better in part 3 because you have to lie to your family & I'm not going to reveal anything else (; So anyways if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments vv

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: d a n n i c a
  1. "He's sick?!" You asked your mom as you were about to leave for school. "Yes sweety I'm sorry, but Dawson IS sick." Freaking out, you rushed out into the front door and went into the car. "Goodmorning Ms. _____" Edward said tipping his hat. "Goodmorning Edward." You replied. You were shaking as the car pulled over at the front of the school. "Thanks Edward" you said as you slammed the car door.
  2. You walked slowly into the gates of the school and kept your eyes on the ground as you took small strides. Then suddenly, you collided into someone. "Hey watch it new girl!" Said one of the school jocks. "Sorry." You replied quietly. "Guys, leave her alone; she's pretty cool." You looked up and saw Shayne smiling at you, showing off his very cute dimples(: You smiled back and continued walking to science.
  3. As you were walking to science, you noticed Jerimiah going to science aswell. "Well hey there new girl :P" he joked. You smirked and said,"whatchu up to?". He smiled, flipped his gorgeous brown hair and just kept walking.
  4. "You're not going to answer me? Fine." You said sarcastically. "Well I was going to open the door for you, but nevermind." He replied with a grin. You stuck your tounge out at him and as you both reached the door, he opened it for you and said,"ladies first." "Why thank you." You replied. As you both entered the class, the teacher announced,"Quite an entrance there you two, but you're late. LUNCH DETENTION. -_- " Trying to hold back the laughter, you walked to your seat. Before you sat down however, the girl who sat next to Jerimiah stopped you and whispered in your ear,"back off my boyfriend."
  5. "Oh damn, sorry." You murmered under your breathe sarcastically. So in science, you basically fell asleep. Then you heard the bell ring. You bolted your eyes open and startled, you saw Jerimiah sitting across from you. "Heyy there sleepy head (:" he said. "Whaa?" You asked. "You fell asleep." "Oh.." You said. "So what's your next period?" He asked. "Uh, math." You replied as checked your schedule. "Oh, well I'll see you later." He said. "Huh?" You mumbled confused. "Lunch detention" Jerimiah said as he walked out the door with a smile.
  6. Science passed, then english. It was lunch time and you were pretty pumped to see Jerimiah again, but when you entered the detention room, he wasn't there. Lunch passed and he still wasn't there. You shrugged it off & walked into History. Rave was already sitting down & when he saw you, he smiled revealing dimples and said hi. "Aw, he's so cute" you thought in your head. As the lesson began, you and Rave started passing notes. 'Want me to show you around after school?' He wrote. You accepted and you two continued talking. Small talk, nothing too personal.
  7. The class ended, so you two said bye to eachother and decided to meet out front. You started walking to 5th period which was the class you could pick ;
  8. Shayne wasn't there. "Weird." You echoed. It felt like days before school FINALLY ended. You saw Rave sitting down, so you rushed to tell Edward that you didn't need a ride and went to Rave. "Hey" you said smoothly. "Oh hey, ready?" Rave said & smiled. "Yeup." You responded excitedly. You followed Rave into the parking lot to his car. It was one of those classic, cool cars. You hopped in the front seat and Rave started driving pointing out different locations.
  9. Then out of nowhere Rave tries distracting you. "Huh? I don't see anything there?" You said as he pointed at a bush. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a bright green light. When it faded away he said,"Oh sorry I thought I saw uh...a rare squirrel...? Yea." You started laughing and so did he. He took you to a bridge overlooking the sea and you two got out.
  10. Overlooking the sea, you guys starting talking, mainly about you and how you came about to living there. Rave asked about your dad, but thankfull your phone rang; it was your mom. "Hello? Yea, huh?, eh ok, my friend, Rave, mhmm, FRIEND MOM FRIEND, yea ok, sure, ok, bye mom, yea mom BYE!" You hungup and realized Edward was already there to pick you up. "Oh wow," you said aloud. "Have to go?" Rave asked with a smile. "Uh yea, haha I'll see you on monday." You waved to him goodbye and climbed to the front with Edward. "Boyfriend?" He asked. You smirked and said,"No."
  11. You got home, & since it was a Friday didn't have homework so you went on the computer. You went on YouTube for music, Updated your twitter, blogged on tumblr, & went to check your facebook. Surprisingly, you got 3 pokes from Jerimiah, Shayne, & Rave. Who do you poke back first? (;
  12. "Hmm...I'll go in alphabetical order soo Jerimiah, Rave, then Shayne. Yea." It looked like Rave and Shayne were off already so you decided to chat with Jerimiah. "Hey" you typed. "Hi (: " he replied. You decided to try a little trick you learned from your friends awhile back to get a boys number. "Whatssup?" You asked. "Extra credit homework -_- " Jerimiah wrote . "Sucks, awh I have to go sorry, just text me or something" "Wait, I don't have your number?" He said. "Oh here ___ ___ ____ what's yours?" He gave you his number and you signed off, smiling.
  13. It was around 10pm & you kept having bad dreams everytime you tried sleeping. You decided to text your friend Morgan saying, "I can't sleep" then you realized you sent it to Jerimiah. "Oh damn.FML" you whispered. Your phone vibrated and Jerimiah replied saying,"What's wrong?" "I sent it to the wrong person, but since I'm talking to you aha; bad dreams." You replied. "Too bad, meet me at the park tonight?" What do you reply?
  14. You quietly went out the front door and walked over to the park to see Jerimiah sitting at the bottom of the slide. 'Heey stranger' he called out with a grin. You gave him a smile and sat down in the sand across from him. His smile then faded and you asked what was wrong he replied,"____, don't turn around." "Why?" & you know what you did? You f---n turned around. A bright green light blinded you and you closed your eyes shut & fainted.

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