Meet Me Halfway Part 12

Hello (: So this is part 12 of the quiz series, "Meet Me Halfway" These are made every FRIDAYS and hopefully you like it! If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comments!

Jerimiah has a british accent, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is the intelligent, yet sensitive one. Rave has black hair, emerald green eyes, and is the romantic, mysterious one. & Shayne has very dirty blonde hair, ocean eyes, and is the funny, outgoing one. I picture the boys with the hot "emo cut" but you can picture them anyway you like (:

Created by: Dannica- bro.

  1. You woke up and looked out the plane window. You figured it was really early in the morning, about 1-2 am. You looked all around you and noticed everyone else was still sleeping. Bored, you turned on the mini tv in front of you and started searching for a movie, what do you watch?
  2. The movie was really good, so you didn't realize the volume on the tv was all the way up and you didn't have any headphones because you didn't really want to waste any money. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Andrew move a little bit. You ignored it for a few minutes until he muttered out, "turn it down ______". You turned it down with a little smile and wondered how much longer until London.
  3. As if the captain read your mind, he said over the speaker thing on the plane, "Sorry to wake you all, but I'm here to tell you that we'll be landing in 3 minutes." Excited, you woke up Andrew and told him. You looked behind you at Shayne and he looked so cute with his messed up hair. He kicked your chair flirtatiously and you glanced at Jerimiah. He gave you an adorable smile showing off his also adorable dimples that always gets you.
  4. "You excited?" Shayne asked. "OF COURSE!" You enthusiasticly said instantly. The seatbelt sign was on and you quickly put your seatbelt on. You felt the plane losing altitude more and more. You looked out the window and saw the beauty of London. The plane reached ground and backed up into the gate. You got your bags and went with Andrew, Jerimiah, and Shayne. You all waited outside the gates for Rave since he wasn't really sitting by any of you guys. You decided you were really hungry so you went out to look for some food.
  5. "Erm..nevermind." You said in your head since you didn't really know the place well. You walked back over to the boys and saw that Rave was there already. "K LET'S GO! Jerimiah, is the car ready?" Jerimiah shook his head no and you asked why. "We rented a car instead." He responded. "ok.." you you said awkwardly. You claimed your baggage and walked out of the airport doors. When you saw the car, you literally ran to it, opened the door, and started touching everything. It was the that good. (I can't think of a car right now, so just picture the coolest car ever.)
  6. Rave was driving this time, and he pulled up to another Hilton Hotel. He gave the keys to the Vallet Parking guy and the bell boy got all the bags. You walked in, and it was even more beautiful than the hotel in New York. Although the hotel in New York was bigger, the Hilton in London had more interior and it was just so amazing. You rapidly pushed the "UP" button and impatienly waited for the elevator. This time, you weren't in one of those suites on the top floor, but once Shayne opened the door, you didn't even mind. The view was incredible, but you realized there were only 2 beds.
  7. "Please tell me there's another room." You said aloud. Rave laughed and nodded. "You, Jerimiah, and Andrew will be sleeping in this room. Shayne and I are sleeping in the room next to you guys." He said. "But there's only 2 beds in this room..." you said panicking a little bit. "relax, I'll be sleeping on the little couch." Andrew said with a hysterical smile. "Oh ok good." You said slightly blushing at your stupidity.
  8. Because London is advanced in time, you were feeling kind of tired because of the time change and probably from the long flight. (FAST FORWARD) You woke up the next morning and looked out the window which made you smile because it was starting to sink in where you were. You got dressed and went down to the lobby where you suspected the boys where. "Hey there" Rave said with a smile, the other boys following suit. You saw Shayne carrying a guitar in its case and was quite surprised that he played guitar.
  9. "I didn't know you play guitar!" You exclaimed. "Not a lot of people do" he said back with a cute smile. "So where we going guys? Out on this massive scavenger hunt to look for the will?" You asked. "actually, no. We're going to go see Shayne perform at a little coffee shop in which my uncle owns." "REALLY? That's so cool, I can't wait to see you perform!" You practically screamed since you were so excited. "Thanks," he said with a smile, "actually, the song I'm singing is dedicated to you." "AWWW" you blurted out. You hugged Shayne for about 1 minute (which is a pretty long hug). When you finally let go you immediately demanded, "LET'S GOOOOO!"
  10. You guys got into the car and after maybe 10 minutes, Rave parked in front of a coffee shop, which was fairly big, and all of you hopped out of the car and entered the shop. Shayne walked up onto the stage and sat down with his guitar waiting for Jerimiah's uncle to introduce him to the crowd. "Hey Uncle!" Jerimiah greeted the owner. "Hello Jerimiah, it's been such a long time and boy have you grown up!" The man hugged his nephew with such love it was kind of pulling at your heart strings. Jerimiah introduced you, Andrew, and Rave and when it was all done, Jerimiah's Uncle went on stage with the mic and announced, "Now ladies and gentlemen, new to this stage and the country, this young man, Shayne Forrester!" Shayne waved out to the crowd and began his performance...

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