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This quiz will ask multiple choice questions on the life of the phenomenal dancer , Maria Tallchief. These questions are particularly easy ,but do your best !

This quiz is on Maria Tallchief, the first native-American to dance in numerous ballet companies around the world, and win multiple awards for her achievements in the world of dance.

Created by: Ivana of getthepointe
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  1. What legendary ballet teacher did Maria Tallchief study with for 5 years ?
  2. Maria Tallchief was the first American to dance in the _________ opera ?
  3. Which city in Oklahoma was Maria Tallchief born?
  4. At what age did Tallchief begin taking ballet classes?
  5. What year was the Ballet " Firebird performed ?
  6. Maria Tallchief's father was part of which Native-American tribe?
  7. How old was Tallchief when her family moved to Beverly hills ?
  8. What other activity did Maria begin at age 3 ?
  9. How long did Maria Tallchief hold the position as Prima Ballerina ?
  10. What does Prima ballerina mean "?

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