All Quiet on the Western Front

This quiz is made up of multiple choice questions about the book "All Quiet on the Western" front by Erich Maria Remarque. The questions focus on important events and characters in the book.

Do you think that you know everything about "All Quiet on the Western Front?" If so, you can find out for yourself by taking this multiple choice quiz!

Created by: Amy
  1. Paul Baumer and his classmates were persuaded to enlist in the German army by their
  2. The first of the group of classmates to die in battle was
  3. The company commander orders the cook to serve everything to the men because
  4. Who owns a pair of good English leather boots and doesn't want to part with them?
  5. Who is in charge of Paul's platoon in camp
  6. Because they had a rough time in training, Paul and his friends developed a sense of
  7. The corporal stopped picking on Paul and his friends because
  8. Kat has a real talent for finding
  9. Paul and his friends are excited by the expected arrival of
  10. The soldier who is most upset by the horses' suffering is
  11. Where is the Western Front?
  12. What did Paul and Kat share with Tjaden and Kropp?
  13. The troops that attack during the offensive are part of the
  14. When Paul says that the reinforcements who arrive are almost more trouble than they're worth, it's because
  15. Who accompanies Paul to the train stateion?
  16. While Paul is at the training camp, he gets to
  17. Paul's father is worried about
  18. The French soldier Paul stabs in the trench is
  19. Paul's company remains in the abandoned village for nearly
  20. What does Paul give the sergeant-major so that he and Kropp can stay together
  21. The soldier who is homesick and runs away is
  22. Paul gets 14 days rest because
  23. The army report in October 1918 said
  24. The narrator of the story is
  25. Remarque's book became the most famous
  26. Where did Remarque escape to after Hitler took over Germany?
  27. Why was WWI know as the "Industrialized War"?
  28. Survival was based on
  29. What caused the men to suffer from severe shakes and madness?
  30. What happened to Remarque's books in Germany?
  31. What is the theme of this novel
  32. Paul Baumer
  33. Albert Kropp
  34. Haie Westhus
  35. Detering
  36. Tjaden
  37. Leer
  38. Muller
  39. Kat

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