Where are you from in Colorado?

Ah Colorado My home state. But where in Colorado do you belong. Answering a few short questions can tell you exactly where you fit in. Life isn't complicated is it.

Are you from the western slope? Do you have the mind set of one from the eastern plains. Are you normal and live on the front range. Are you a hippie druggie who lives in Boulder? Find out exactly where in Colorado you belong.

Created by: Kelly
  1. In what direction are the mountains?
  2. What color are those mountains?
  3. Where do you go shopping?
  4. The state song...
  5. Your major highway is
  6. The most famous person from Colorado is...
  7. Which collage town are you most likely to visit?
  8. Colorado is...
  9. High School Foot Ball is
  10. Cheyenne Mountain is

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Quiz topic: Where am I from in Colorado?