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  • This quiz is not accurate at all! I'm from the front range and it said I was from the Western Slope! Insulting!
    Disclaimer: people from the Western slope are also Coloradans, just influenced so much by Utah.

    AmazingAbby Jun 5 '14, 4:21PM
  • F U. this quiz sucks balls.

    ColonaCowgirl Feb 23 '13, 8:31PM
  • My cousin took this and got Western slope, and he's from the Springs! This quiz sucks

    honoshikun Dec 26 '12, 11:46PM
  • Well I'm not frot the front range area I'm from LA actualy but I move to colorado springs about 3 years ago many believe I'm a local but I'm not

    latinosoul777 May 24 '12, 6:07PM
  • Woah, woah, woah! Us western slopers are way mor Colorado than you guys because we actually have recreation over here!!!!! We aren't all city slickers like you guys on the eastern slope.

    akyla757 Dec 4 '11, 12:17AM
  • I live in Denver, but I used to live in Trinidad. I have spent a few hours on the western slope, but not enough to "be from the Western Slope"

    huthut1913 Sep 15 '11, 10:00AM

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