What's your risk of developing Dementia?

This is a quiz to see if your risk of developing Dementia is high or not. Take this test to figure out what you need to do to improve your overall health so you can prevent yourself from getting Dementia.

The risk of dementia is higher in western societies. Take this test to find out what your score is. Some studies show that our western lifestyles can have a significant burden on our overall risk. Some hypotheses of why western countries have higher risks is probably due to increased obesity rates, lack of exercise, diminished social support, or even too much hygeine- caused by vaccinations, constant cleaning, which creates autoimmune disorders.

Created by: Nash
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you regularly socialize with others?
  2. Are you married or in a relationship?
  3. What is your BMI?
  4. Do you exercise regularly?
  5. How many hours of sleep do you get?
  6. Do you eat tons of sugar and high glycemic foods (candy, syrup, chocolate, pastries, etc.)?
  7. How much do you read?
  8. Are you an organized person or a messy person?
  9. Do you volunteer or work?
  10. Do you have diabetes?
  11. How would you rate your overall happiness?
  12. Is your job mentally demanding?
  13. Do you smoke?
  14. Do you take niacin (B3) or a daily multivitamin with niacin added to it?
  15. Do you worry a lot?
  16. Do you regularly spice your food with Curry or Turmeric?
  17. Do you eat tons of white bread or white pasta and rice?

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Quiz topic: What's my risk of developing Dementia?