What is my chance of becoming a gamer on youtube?

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This quiz tests how good you are on youtube. And your health conditions that can be triggered by technology. This includes epilepsy and digital dementia.

This test also includes what games you like, shortcuts and how good you are at gaming. This also has a question about my favorite game. Have a good time taking my quiz.

Created by: Dre
  1. First, just a check on how your brain. Do you have epilepsy?
  2. Do you have digital dementia?
  3. Do you like to play games?
  4. What game do you like to play? (select "other" if it is not on here)
  5. Okay, don't ask me why this quiz has this question in it but, if you really like Geo Dash, what's my most fav demon? :3
  6. How entertaining might you say you are?
  7. How fun do you find youtube?
  8. Do you know all the youtube functions?
  9. Do you know the computer shortcuts?
  10. And last, do you use discord? (sorry it wasn't what you expected)Discord is a chat for gamers so don't ask me why I asked you this question because I just told you.

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