Five Nights at Freddy's 1-3 Game Quiz

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Take this Five Nights at Freddy's quiz and determine how much experience you have with all three games. Maybe you have beginner's luck, or maybe you need to buy or read about the game.

Maybe I might give you a link if you score low to either read about or buy the game. If you don't like reading about it, then buy it or watch Youtube. On Youtube, there are millions of Let's Play's and theory/fact videos dedicated to the game. Anyway, enjoy.

Created by: amusingscare
  1. What two characters attack from the right?
  2. On which custom night does Golden Freddy instantly jumpscare you upon starting the night?
  3. How many different jumpscare screens are there?
  4. Which animatronic is not to be touched because it is against the rules?
  5. Did Foxy cause the Bite of '87, and did the victim survive?
  6. How many kids went missing in the Disappearance of the __ Children?
  7. On which night does Phone Guy supposedly die?
  8. How many animatronics are there?
  9. Which animatronic can be seen in the Storage Closet?
  10. What two animatronics can be seen in the Bathroom?
  11. How many preset custom nights are there?
  12. How many animatronics (including easter eggs) are there?
  13. How did the old animatronics get to be so beaten up?
  14. How many calls do you get from the Phone Guy?
  15. What animatronic does not have a jumpscare?
  16. Why can't you spend long periods of time in the office?
  17. How can you get rid of some of the animatronics?
  18. Which two animatronics were in the "Something Borrowed, Something New" teaser image?
  19. How many ways are there into your office?
  20. What animatronic has the ability to hang from walls and ceilings?
  21. How many animatronics can kill you?
  22. How many Phantom animatronics are there?
  23. Which Phantom animatronics do not have a jumpscare?
  24. How can you lure Springtrap to different locations throughout the building?
  25. How many possible endings are there to the game?
  26. What will happen if click on the four cupcakes hidden throughout the building?
  27. What original animatronic was not a animatronic in the game?
  28. What animatronic is seen walking in the window towards your office?
  29. What ending can you not get on the mobile version?
  30. What event took away the only diner left?(The building from the second game burned.)

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