what animatronic are u in fnaf

Hey u. Yah its me freddy. Not it's me jellydomos---. And I'm here to tell u I have played fnaf. So if u were an animatronic. Who would u be. If u do not know this game u will be surprised of what I have on each animatronic.

There are 4 animatronics. Freddy is a bear. Bonnie is a bunny. Chica is a duck(or bird). And my favorite is foxy. He is the cool one. He run into the night guard's place.

Created by: jellydomos---
  1. A new night guard has come to watch u.
  2. When it a the door what do u do
  3. When the night guard put a flash light at u what do u do
  4. When the night guard has a camera up what do u do
  5. It's day 2. What kind of difficulty will u be at
  6. The night guard comes back inside what do u do
  7. He finally ran outta powa
  8. He's dead
  9. Newspapers have herd the nightguard was dead on the floor just just dead
  10. Who do u think u are

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