What FNaF 1 Animatronic will be your Friend? RP quiz

Have you ever wondered which FNaF 1 animatronic would be your friend? Well there are lots of quizzes about this, so probably not. Anyways, I’m sure none of them are like this!

Have fun with this RP quiz! I apologize in advance for all grammar errors, also, this is my first quiz, so this may be bad. Please enjoy this quiz and have a good day!

Created by: Lilly Afton
  1. It’s after school on a Friday. Your on your way home from school, when you notice your vicious school bullies eyeing you. What do you do?
  2. No matter what you pick you manage to slip and fall. The bullies laugh and approach you. You slip into the alleyway and run into the nearest building. As you enter the building a rough voice asks. “Who are ye?”
  3. “I be Foxy, can I help ye?” The voice asks. “Who’s this, Foxy?” A deep voice asks. “This is Y/N!” Foxy says. “Their cute!” A feminine voice exclaims. “What do they want?” Another voice asks. You explain. “Well, if their following you, come with us!” The deep voice says
  4. (The animatronics have introduced themselves) The bullies burst in the door, to run directly into Golden Freddy. “Leave” Golden says. “Who are you to tell me that?” The first bully asks. “Shut up” Foxy snarls. “I think we should leave” One one the bullies says. “Nah, not until we find Y/N” The first bully says. The first bully pulls out a heavy flashlight. “Whats that for?” The third bully asks. “To find Y/N and hit them with” The second bully says. Foxy growls and all of the animatronics attack the Bullies.
  5. “Hey, Y/N are you okay?” Bonnie asks. You nod. Chica wraps you up in a hug. “So if your gonna stay for a while, what do you want to do?” Freddy asks
  6. As you play you Freddy turns to you. “I was wondering… what’s your favorite song out of these songs?” He asks. Bonnie passes you a list of songs
  7. “Nice!” Bonnie exclaims. Chica smiles at you. “What’s you favorite group of animatronics?” She asks
  8. You and Foxy are walking to pirates cove together. “So matey! Is us time, what do ye wanna do?” He asks. As your answering, Foxy staggers and falls to one knee. “Foxy!” You cry. Foxy doesn’t answer, he seems to be in pain. What do you do?
  9. Doesn’t matter what you pick, Freddy enters the hall. “Y/N! What happened to Foxy?!” He asks. “I don’t know!” You say. Freddy gets help, and in the end Foxy is just fine
  10. As the animatronics gather around to thank you, you check your watch. “oh CRAP. I need to go!” You say. They all look at you. “Please don’t!” Chica begs. “I hope you see ye again, matey.” Foxy says. “Please come back.” Bonnie says. “I’ll miss you.” Golden Freddy says. “See you!” Freddy says. You leave sadly.
  11. Me: Okay! That’s the quiz! Imma teleport you to the pizzeria real quick, I want you to be quiet, okay? Fate.

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Quiz topic: What FNaF 1 Animatronic will be my Friend? RP quiz