Which Fnaf animatronic are you?

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This is a quiz where you will have multiple questions and you will get a different tasks to figure out which Fnaf character you are. Good luck! I think you will do a great job. Cross your fingers and hope you get a good character!

If you are not pleased with this quiz, well, it might hurt my feelings.... i made this for a reason grandma!! I’m sorry ‘bout that. There is a rate this quiz on the side. Enjoy.

Created by: Tianna Moore
  1. Ok, so first q. If you saw your least fav Fnaf character fighting with your fav one, your reaction.
  2. What would happen if u saw Foxy and Chica kissing?
  3. If you were playing truth or dare with Mangle or Chica, and it was your turn to do truth, and they asked you out of Foxy and Bonnie who was ur fav, who would you choose?
  4. Ok, how are you liking the quiz so far?
  5. I know this is a short quiz, but it’s almost over.
  6. Ha! Nv! We have a lot more! How do ya feel ‘bout that?
  7. Ok, ok. Uh.... Oh! I know one! If the nightmares tried to kill you, who would save you?
  8. What character is your fav?
  9. If you were to have a bad dream about one of your fav Fnaf turn on you, what would be your reaction?
  10. If the world was food, what food would it be?

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Quiz topic: Which Fnaf animatronic am I?