What is chicas opinion on you?

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I really like fnaf and I wanted to make an awesome quiz that is somewhat easy and somewhat hard so enjoy buddy boy and I hope chica did like you!!!!!!

You are very good at quizez so I hope you make one for me and that u can fav this quiz and friend me ove Game Center my username is samerik1095 !!!!!!

Created by: CoolKid85
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  1. Out of order
  2. Ok first question what game is chica from?
  3. Ok next question chica will be asking it CHICA GET IN HERE.chica:I'm here I'm here! What is it.me:ask our quiz taker something. Chica:ok do u like pizza!?!
  4. Chica:umm ok who do I have A crush on
  5. Chica:ok ummm who Is your favorite of all us animatronics?
  6. Me:ok chica ill ask the rest of these question's go eat pizza or something. Chica:Pizza? PIIIIIIZZZZZAAAAAA!me: ok which fnaf game was the last in the timeline of fnaf?
  7. What does an animatronic see you as after hours and what do they do?
  8. Ok what does each animatronic hold on stage?
  9. Ok now chica is getting hungry what should I give her?!?
  10. Ok last question because we need to go home: did u like dis quiz and would you do it again?

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