Five nights and freddy quiz

This about fnaf the popular point clicking horror mystery game which is one of my favorite games and i want to play and this for you to know how well you know fnaf

Are you a gamer of this? Do you have the power to defeat and boss my quiz? COULD YOU DO IT?! HUH BUDDY?? HUH HUH? Maybe you have but just click my quiz so that you will find it out

Created by: Rojan jarin
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  1. Ok first question Who is the animatronic that runs fast
  2. How many nights is in fnaf 1 & 2
  3. When did they founded (created if u dont know fazbear pizza
  4. Ok lets do this more harder How could u stop freddy in fnaf 1?
  5. Ok more harder What is the meaning of the poster in the w.hall corner that suddenly changed into freddy removing his head
  6. How did marionette become puppet
  7. Why would the animatronics kill u
  8. What does marionette do to the guard when u see him in the cam?
  9. who is/are the animatronics that is different from stopping to kill you
  10. Who were inside the animatronics
  11. Where there rare animatronics
  12. Who were the rare animatronics
  13. What were the rare in fnaf 3 1.golden freddy beside u 2.springtrap on the window 3.springtrap poster cupcake to golden 5.mangle in the vents 6. Shadow freddy on ur door

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