What Five nights at Freddys character are you?

There are so many colors, skins, and animals... Even Animatronics! Find out which one of those animatronics, Chica, Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy! Are you ready for FREDDY!!!

Are you Foxy or are you Chica, take this quiz to find out! Whatever animatronic you are it should fit you! The reason I came up with this is for no ideal reason!!! Lol

Created by: Quiet girl677 of Foxica
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like pizza
  2. Are you a fan of kids
  3. Are you into physical activity
  4. Are you into music: singing, instrumental
  5. What job would you like to do
  6. What do you do in your spare time
  7. What does your human name start with? Chica's Human name: Jasmine, Jazzy Foxy's human name: Sam Bonnie's human name: Jack Freddy's human name: Zack
  8. What car do you drive What car do you want to drive
  9. What color are your eyes Chica's: purple: Foxy's:gold: Bonnie: light purple: Freddys: brown
  10. What is your favorite color

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Quiz topic: What Five nights at Freddys character am I?