What FNaF character likes you?

Everybody has feelings, even animatronics, puppets, creepy robotic children, and ghosts. Animatronics have the same feelings people have, but some are more unique.

Which one of the Five Nights at Freddy's characters finds you attractive or similar to them? Find out by taking this test, by the one and only Hungry Games!

Created by: Yoloswagnuts
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  1. Hey everyone! Hungry Games here bringing you my first FNaF quiz! Ok who gets to ask the first question? Bonnie: Me! Chica: No! Me! Bonnie picks first in every freakin quiz! Alright! Bonnie, ask your question Chica: COME ON! Bonnie: Ok, what is your favorite animal?
  2. Ok now question 2, Foxy? Foxy: Arrr. You find out her girl/boyfriend is cheating on you. What do you do me matey? Chica: When is it MY turn!
  3. Ok. Next question, who hasn't asked one? Chica: ME! Freddy: I haven't asked a question yet. SpringTrap: I still need to ask one! Nightmare: You morons don't need questions, my turn! Ok Nightmare what is your question? Chica: COMEONcomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!!!!!!!!! I need a question! Nightmare: What would you do if your mother beat the crap out of your friend?
  4. Ok my question. Who do you think should get the next question?
  5. Freddy, your question. Freddy: O k. W h a t i s y o u r. F a v o r I t e c o l o r ?
  6. Ok now it's Chica's turn. Chica: Finally! What is your Hobby?
  7. Alright now it's SpringTrap's turn. SpringTrap: what is your favorite kind of game?
  8. Ok it's my turn again! If you were in a band, what role would you take?
  9. Now, what's your question Puppet? The Puppet: If you found someone's wallet what would you do with it?
  10. Last question, Balloon Boy? Balloon Boy: Shatwouldyousaytoyourfriendaftera3month-long vacation?

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