Are you attractive pretty cute normal or unattractive

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There's a lot of pretty people but know one is ugly . Beauty is within the eye of the beholder not a quiz so if you get a bad result don't get mad just don't forget who your person is!!!

Never worry about the opinion of anyone only go by what you think if you think your pretty then your are don't ever go by another's opinion for you have a mind of your own. You will find out your results in a few hang on!!

Created by: Rachael
  1. Are you kind?
  2. Do you think your attractive?
  3. Do you wear makeup?
  4. How much do you wear makeup?
  5. Do you smile a lot?
  6. How is your hair?
  7. How are your eyes?
  8. How is your figure?
  9. If someone rated you what would they most likely give you on a scale of 0-10?
  10. How do you think you did?

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Quiz topic: Am I attractive pretty cute normal or unattractive