Who would be your fnaf boyfriend

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This quiz is for fnaf fans! This quiz is my very first quiz, and you will see m ore from me if you liked it! I hope you all enjoy this quiz! Thanks for trying this out! :3

My name is royal_pink cat 24 and this is my first quiz! If I get 10 good comments I’ll post more fnaf tests! I want to say I love fnaf! One of the best horror games played! Thanks for playing!

Created by: Royal_pink cat 24
  1. How old are you?
  2. Gender?
  3. Which if your favorite fnaf character?
  4. What do your friends think of you?
  5. Your playing 7 minutes in heaven, and get your favorite animatronic, what are your feeling?
  6. If you could be “stuffed” into any animatronic suit, who will it be?
  7. Your walking down the hall and an animatronic came up behind you and tried to hurt you!:0 but someone saves you, who is it?
  8. You trip while helping your friend grab something, someone catches you, WHO.. IS.. IT?! :)
  9. Random question, who’s the purple guy?
  10. This is my first quiz so don’t be dat mean, plz!

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Quiz topic: Who would be my fnaf boyfriend