How Well You Know Fnaf 4

Thank you for playing the game or quiz. If you did then just celebrate your birthday at Freddy's Family Diner or not. Come on please!? Can you celebrate the other quizzes though?

Or if you didn't then It's Me... But just try harder ok so you can pass this quiz then. I'm still here! I was just messing with you.

Created by: Gabriel GD of
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you go from the left or right?
  2. Do you hide in the closet?
  3. Are you small?
  4. Do you have a spradical crackhead?
  5. Can you come from the bed or the hallway?
  6. Can you be hard or easy to pass?
  7. With someone or not?
  8. Be kind of chill or aggressive?
  9. Stuck with an another soul or not?
  10. Any weird scares or critters?

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