Which toy are you?

Ok. Hello there. If you've played, looked up, or even talked about FNAF(Five nights at Freddy's)2, you already know the Toys. Ya' know, Toy Freddy and all that.

Well, this quiz is trying( and possably failing) to see which of these Toys you are. Rather simple, eh? You could be Like C.C., or Vixen, or even Fredrick and BonBon. Take the quiz, or the world may never know.

Created by: hadesman101
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to...
  2. Fav Animal?
  3. What do you did(or do)in school?
  4. Pick a song.
  5. Pick a color.
  6. Pick a feeling.
  7. How do you usually get in fights?
  8. Popular?
  9. Who do you think you are?
  10. Get ready! (this affects your result)

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Quiz topic: Which toy am I?