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❗Hy every one, it's me agin and I just wanted to tell you that this quiz is for mental health prophecies and it will tell you if you have PTSD and at what risk are you.❗

❗I am at high risk of PTSD so yeah it is pretty tuff living whit that and especially if the trauma keep re occurring at times...As well Depression, Anxiety, or Border line stress disorder my flow in whit PTSD so if you get a sirious result call 911 to help you!❗

Created by: Astrid of mind-diagnostics
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  1. I've had trouble focusing on things like reading, TV shows, or conversations
  2. Memories of the trauma came to mind at unwanted moments
  3. Parts of the traumatic event are hazy or difficult to remember
  4. I've been avoiding things - like places, people, or events - that make me think about the trauma
  5. I've felt rushes of anger or irritability
  6. I've been on edge much more than normal, particularly when there have been other people around
  7. I've been unable to connect to my emotions such as not being able to laugh or cry, or feel affection for those around me
  8. I've been trying to avoid thinking about the trauma, or the way that it makes me feel
  9. I became frightened, angry, or upset when remembering the trauma
  10. I experienced a racing pulse, excessive sweating, shaking, or chills when remembering the trauma
  11. I've been hyper alert, particularly in situations with lots of other people around
  12. Memories of the trauma were so vivid I felt like they were reoccurring
  13. I've felt detached from friends and family, or those closest to me
  14. I'm not interested in doing things or going places that I liked to do or go to before the trauma occurred
  15. The life goals I had before the trauma have changed or have gone entirely
  16. Thoughts or memories of the trauma have come to me while asleep
  17. I've struggled to get to sleep, or to stay asleep

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Quiz topic: PTSD test/quiz ,do I have PTSD