ERICH GONZALES QUIZ II - A More Engaging Examination

For some of you who have taken the first quiz, well here's the second one. It's more fun and a lil more challenging I suppose. This quiz contains 25 more questions from the first quiz, so if you did well on that one, you should be all right on this one. Note: This quiz ain't a prerequisite of the first so don't worry about it!

Do you have what it takes to be a true Ericholic? You may be in love with Erich, knowing she's beautiful, talented, and all, but I'ma test you to see how well you know this amazing star. Better hope you've learned a lot, cuz if ya don't, ya might as well skip this quiz first and gain more knowledge on Erich! Good luck!!

Created by: jay

  1. How is the order of her full name arranged?
  2. Which of these is a character name for Erich in a teleserye/movie?
  3. Erich received a car for her birthday. What is the brand?
  4. Which of these sports does Erich NOT play?
  5. When was Erich's previous visit in the Ericholics thread?
  6. What day of this year will Erich's birthday occur?
  7. Where was Erich raised in the Pinas?
  8. Which of these is NOT Erich's hobby?
  9. Where does Erich plan on buying a house at?
  10. Erich has paired up with many loveteam partners. Which of these mentioned is NOT one of her leading men?
  11. Name the "Maalala Mo Kaya" episode in which Erich worked with celebrity star Maja Salvador:
  12. In what year did Erich win being the Star Circle Grand Questor?
  13. What is Erich's favorite color?
  14. Erich is currently enrolled in what university?
  15. What is Erich's primary course of study?
  16. Which teleserye did Erich appear as a "kontrabida?"
  17. In the teleserye "Pieta," Ela's biological brother is:
  18. Which of these book authors does Erich prefer reading?
  19. In her very first appearance in "Ligaw Na Bulaklak," Erich wore a purple T-shirt that said:
  20. Erich's last chatting conversation with the Ericholics in PEx occurred in what exact date?
  21. Erich's dog, Mattie, is what breed?
  22. Where did Erich celebrate her 18th birthday?
  23. When Erich's father passed away two months ago, she found out he was a(n):
  24. Which of these songs did Erich sing in her second guesting ever of "Singing Bee?"
  25. Erich's last mallshow was in:
  26. In "Ligaw Na Bulaklak," Fatima wore a few T-shirts with the following text EXCEPT:
  27. Which of these is ALSO one of Erich's majors
  28. Erich appeared in the following movies EXCEPT:
  29. Erich is multi-lingual. She speaks the following languages EXCEPT:
  30. Which of these musical instruments does Erich know how to play?
  31. Erich went with a group of friends to the Enchanted Kingdom in November. Which one of the friends is an Ericholic?
  32. In the teleserye "Kung Fu Kids," Nic's last name is:
  33. Fill in the blank from Erich's KText: "Keep in mind that you can plan your _____ but not your _____."
  34. Erich's very first teleserye since she entered the showbiz was:
  35. "Katorse" will air in what exact date?

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