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Okay, here's part number 2 of the quiz-serie Magical Love Story. In this part, added a semi-new character, and I came up with him after I wrote the results. So, he isn't a result. And the other guys (that aren't the new one) have own songs, here are they: Ethan - Bad Things, Jace Everett (Theme from True Blood, ironic, huh? He's a vampire, and you'll see that he reeeaally wants to do bad things to you xD), James - Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars, Sam - Whispers In The Dark, Skillet, Raven(the mysterious guy) - Still Loving It, Eric Saade(Eric Saade is an artist from Sweden. The song is kinda about that even though it hurts, he still loves the girl. I though it would be a good song to Raven, because, well, he's "evil", and I think it's hard for him to be in love with you, who's his enemy)

Created by: AiFiahK3mE
  1. "Luna, the boy outside your window was Raven. He is Sams twin. He and Sam are shapeshifters. I am an elf, and Ethan is a vampire, but don't worry, he won't hurt you." I stared at them, wide-eyed. I couldn't believe my ears. "A-Are you guys serious? Y-You're... A vampire?" I said to Ethan. He nodded. "And you're an elf?" I asked James. He also nodded. "And you... You're a shapeshifter? Can you turn to whatever you want?" I asked Sam. "Yes." He said. "And... That guy, Raven... Why is he looking for me? Have I done something wrong...?" I asked, confused. "No, Luna. It's just that you're very, very special and unique." Ethan said. "You are something that never existed before. You are a moon nymph." he continued. "I'm a WHAT?" I whispered, shocked. "A moon nymph. And that makes you immortal, like the rest of us. The only way for you to die, is if you touch the sun. The sun is the great enemy of the moon." James said. "But how could I possibly touch the sun? Wouldn't I burn up if I just came close to it?" I asked, startled. "Yes and no." Sam said. "What do you mean?""I mean that only your body would, but not your spirit. James meant that you'll die only if your spirit touch the sun. If only your body has been burned, your spirit just need to touch he moon and you'll be healed and get your body back." He explained. "So I'll die if my spirit touch the sun. But why would I do that?" I asked. "Luna, I can't believe you could still be that innoccent. You can be tortured to do that." Sam said and rolled his eyes.
  2. "I can be WHAT?!" I shouted. "Please. You're fifthteen. It's your birthday today, isn't it? You should know that." Ethan mumbled. I stucked my tongue out at him, and he blushed. I sat down in my bed. "But... How did I became a moon nymph? I had a dream..." I said and told them my dream. When I was done, James said: "Luna. You saw your own birth. You were born when that moonfragment hit that lake. The newborn baby was you." I remembered where I'd seen those eyes, and that hair color. Those were mine. "But then... I don't have a mother? Neither a father?" I asked sadly. "No. But some people considere the moon or the moon goddess Selene your mother." Sam said. "Wait, so people know I exist?""Petite, how do you think Raven found out about you?" Ethan asked. 'Wait. Did he say Petite?' I though. "Did you say 'Petite'? You speak french?" I asked confused. Ethan wasn't a french name, was it? "Yes. I lived in France for eight years before I was turned into a vampire."
  3. "And... Are you guys immortal too?" I asked carefully. "Yeah. It wasn't so fun before we met each other, because our friends weren't immortal too, so they died and stuff like that..." James said. "But why is Raven looking for me?" I asked. "Luna. Being the first and only moon nymph, that makes you extra powerful than other immortals. You'll be strongest when it's full moon, and in the first full moon after today, you'll develop powers, that will grow stronger with each full moon that goes by. When you've got power enough, not even the sun will be able to kill you. Raven and Helios are going to try to kill you before that happens." James explained. "But, first, why from today? Second, who the heck is Helios?""Helios is the sun god, brother of Selene. And it's from today because the fifthteenth birthday of an immortal is a powerful thing. It's when your senses develop, when elves get their nature-powers, when shapeshifters shifts for the first time, when those who were born vampires develop their thirst for blood, when nymphs and dryads are bound to their source of life, like a tree or a river. For being a moon nymph, you're bound to the moon, but you wont die if your source of life dies like other nymphs, you're special. The moon can't be destroyed, neither can Selene or the other gods." Sam said for the first time in a while. "Is anyone hungry? 'Cause I'm starving." James said. "I'm going to get food." he said and went to the kitchen. Sam leaved the room too, and mumbled something I didn't hear.
  4. "When did you became a vampire?" I asked Ethan. "A couple years ago. I was nineteen." he said, staring at the floor. "Does it hurt? I mean, to get bitten by a vampire?""It depends.""On what?""On you feelings for the vampire who's biting you. I was bitten by a stranger, so yes, for me it hurted. A lot. But I've heard that if you love the vampire, it feels amazing.""Oh. And now you're nineteen forever? You'll never grow up and get old?""No, I won't." he answered, and with that he leaved. "I'll call you when it's dinner." he said, while closing the door. I shrugged, and went to take a shower. I took a white tank top, skinny black jeans to the bathroom. Luckily, I had my own, so the boys wouldn't run in while I was showering. When I was done I dryed my hair and made a ponytail of it. I decided to read some book. I got into a mysterious part, and when I turned the page I cut my finger in the paper. It started to bleed. "Ouch!" I whispered to myself (you don't do that when you accidentally hurt yourself? Oh. I do. Weird, I know xD). Right then Ethan came in. "Luna, it's dinner. Hey, what-" He saw the blood on my finger, and his eyes turned red. 'Uh oh.' I though. He closed the door and came slowly closer, his eyes on the blood. He licked his lips, and then lunged at me. I screamed. He pinned me against a wall, and sniffed on my neck. I felt his cold breath on my neck, and knew he was going to bite me. I couldn't move. Someone kicked the door open. "ETHAN! DON'T!" James and Sam yelled. Sam shifted into a wolf and lunged at Ethan. He dragged him along out the door, and Ethan didn't take his eyes from me. I didn't know if it were possible, but he looked even hotter with red eyes. They slowly turned black again, and I saw remorse in his eyes. When he and Sam were outside, I heard him shout: "Wait! I'm sorry! I couldn't control it!""Luna! Are you okay? Did he bite you? What happened?" James asked me, concerned. "I-I was reading. I accidentally cut my finger on the paper and it started to bleed. Right then he came in, and saw the blood. H-His eyes turned red and he lunged at me..." I stammered, startled.
  5. "Shh, it's over now." James said, and hugged me. "If something like that happens again I swear I'm gonna-" He continued, but I stopped him. "It wasn't his fault... He said he couldn't control it, right?" I whispered. "Hmpf. I guess." he muttered and buried his face in my hair. I blushed and pulled back from the hug. He sighed, and then said: "Well, I guess I need to check the others, to make sure Sam doesn't kill him for doing that to you, even if that is a tempting though." He gave me a quick peck on the lips, and leaved me there standing and blushing wildly.
  6. (*The Author* I hope you James-fangirls are happy. As for you, Ethan - like me -, Sam and Raven fangirls, you'll get your kiss later, ok? I promess. Do you think I'd not make sure to get you a kiss from them? Of course not xD)*Luna again* I was still standing and blushing when Sam knocked on the door and came in. "I believe we forgot about dinner. Will you come?" he asked. "Yeah." I said and shook my head to get my brain to start working again. "Why are you red? Did James do something to you?" he said and raised one of his eyebrows. "H-How do you know that?" I asked. "You think I don't know my best friend? Besides, he was smiling when he came out of your room." he said and looked at something behind him. "You want dinner or not?" he asked, when I didn't move. "Huh? Oh, yeah." I said and followed him to the kitchen. On the way there, we passed the fifth room. "Sam, whose room is it?" I asked. He immediately looked glum. "It was Ravens." He said short. "Oh." I said and regretted that I had asked.
  7. "Sorry for asking you that, I-" I started, but he interrupted me. "It's fine. We're here." The kitchen had white carpet on the floor, and light blue carpets in the walls. I guess the carpets were what keeped the cave warm. The table and the chairs were made of dark wood, and on the table it was three pizzas that had just come out of the oven(*The Author* Hehe, I just loooooooove pizza xD).*Luna again* James sat at one of the pizzas staring at his, looking like he was being tortured. The pizzas looked very good, so I guess it really was a torture to not get to eat them. He looked up and for a moment smiled at me, then got back to staring at his food. Ethan was nowhere to be found. "Where's Ethan? Isn't he going to eat?" I asked. "He needed to hunt." James said, not looking up. "Does he hunt people?!" I whispered scared. "No." Sam said, still looking glum. "But whose blood does he drink then?" I asked. "He wouldn't hurt any human or animal, if they're not a threat." Sam said. "Oh yeah? He was going to suck my blood just a couple minutes ago." I said and crossed my arms. "Oh, he regrets it. Trust me." James said and glared at the opening of the cave. I looked at the opening too and Ethan was standing there, staring at the floor.
  8. "Uh... I don't know how much you heard, but-" I started, feeling terrible, but he stopped me. "I'm sorry. I understand if you don't want to be near a bloodsucker like me." he said, still looking down and half-walked, half-ran to his room. "Ethan..." I said, but he had already closed his door. "Ehm... Aren't you hungry?" asked James. I didn't answer, I just sat down in my chair. "Yes, I am." I said and started to eat. Sam sat down and he and James began to eat too. It was a silent dinner. No one even tried to start a conversation. When I was done eating the pizza(it was the best pizza I'd ever eaten), I went to my room. I laid in my bed, and looked at the room. Two of the walls were dark red, and the two others were shining silver. I wondered how the heck they managed to make the silver walls shine, but then I remembered they were magical creatures, so it must not be so hard to do that. My bed was made of wood that had been painted black, and was covered with black and white pillows and a white sheet. There was a black bookshelf filled with books. I wondered why I didn't notice how the room looked like before. I guess all my attention was on the boys.
  9. I changed into limegreen shorts and a black tanktop, I had figured out it wouldn't be smart for me to wear nightgowns here, especially after what James said while we still were in my house. What seemed to be a big, black and golden ball of fur jumped on me. I screamed in surprise. "Light! I almost forgot about you!" I said and hugged the dog. He licked my face and I smirked. "Fine, I promess to not forget about you again!" I mumbled and wiped my face. Light looked at me, and I swear the look he gave me was a worried one. "What?" I asked. He continued to give me that worried look. "You want to know what happened? Fine. I feel guilty." Light seemed to understand my words, and he looked almost human. I even forgot I was talking to a dog. When I looked into his strange golden eyes, for only one second I saw a really handsome, worried boy with golden eyes and hair. I shook my head and all I saw was a dog again. "I think I'm going crazy. I swear you looked like a guy for a couple seconds ago..." I said. There. Another look a dog should not be able to give. This one was shock. Then something I was absolutely not expecting happened. Light opened his mouth and spoke. "Y-You was able to see me in my human-form?" he asked. I dropped my jaw. He waited. "Y-You spoke." was all I could say. "Yes." Light answered. "But you're a dog!" I exclaimed. I was totally confused. "Only when I want to." he said, jumped to the floor and turned into the handsome boy I saw. My eyes widened. Light seemed to struggled not to laugh. "What?!" I said. "Your eyes look like they're going to jump out of your head." he said and chuckled.
  10. "Well, I think your eyes would pop out of your head too if you found out your dog is a guy!" I said. Then, a terrible though hit me. "You've already seen me change clothes!" I shouted and blushed. He blushed as well. "I-I didn't mean to" he stammered. "It doesn't matter! You were a guy the whole time! How will I know what things are human or not?! Maybe these walls are guys too, all waiting to suddenly transform and surprise me like you did!" I'd never been so angry in my life. I knew it was unfair, the one I was actually angry at was me, for hurting Ethan, for screaming at this boy right now, for being born. He seemed to understand that I didn't mean to scream at him. I guess that being a dog and living with me for years made him know me more than anyone else. "Hey, I know this feels weird, but it was to protect you. How many times strange things happened to you, like you being followed or something like that? It was all Helios spies, waiting for an opportunity to kill you even before your powers developed. You don't have any idea of how hard it is to keep you safe." he said. I realised he was right. Many times, when I was walking at the park or something like that with Light, men followed me and Light barked at them in a weird way, much like when a lion roars. Then the men ran away, leaving me alone. "Oh." was all I could say. "Don't judge these other guys too hard. They've just started this hard job." he continued. "I need to apologize to Ethan, don't I?" I said, more than asked. "Yes." he answered. "By the way, is your name really Light?" I asked. "Yeah. I was born to protect you, so it was you who choosed my name. I must say I even like it." Light answered and smirked.
  11. "Now, while you apologize to Ethan I'll have as talk with James and Sam." Light said and started walking to the door. "Wait!" I said. He stopped, but didn't turn around. "Yes?" he asked. "Did you know them before?" I asked. "Yes." he answered. "But why did you bark at James when he picked me up while we still were in my house?" I wondered. He still didn't turn around, but answered: "I- Ehm, it doesn't matter". Another though hit me, but this one wasn't terrible. On the contrary, I even liked it. "You were jealous, weren't you?" I asked, trying to hide the smile that was forming in my lips. "Maybe." he said and went out of my room. I sighed, not looking forward to what I had to do now. I went out of my room too, but I headed to Ethans room, and not to the kitchen where James, Sam and Light now were. I knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard Ethan say tiredly. I opened the door and went in. I closed the door behind me. He was laying in his bed, staring at the roof of the cave. Which was waaaaay up high. "Ehm... I'm really sorry..." I started. He mumbled something in french, and turned his back to me. "What?" I asked. "Why are you sorry when I almost bit you?" he translated. "I need to learn french..." I muttered, and went back to why I came for. "I'm sorry that I said that, I was still shocked and afraid. It's just that I'm not used to get a vampire pinning me against a wall and then sniffing on my neck..." I said. I could almost hear the smile in his voice. "I guess not." he said. I sighed in relief, he was forgiving me. "Can we just forget about the two things?" I asked. Suddenly he wasn't in his bed anymore, but with his arms around me whispering: "Yeah. I'd love to". I hugged him back, and said: "Friends again?" he pulled away, and I swear he looked disapointed, but he agreed.
  12. After that, I went back to my room. I was really tired. I laid in my bed, and heard James, Sam, Ethan and Light discuss something. "...Ravens room." I heard James say. "Yeah, cause I don't think she'll let you sleep in her room now that she knows you're not a dog." Sam said. "Argh, fine." Light muttered. "You don't believe us? Go and ask her yourself." Ethan said. "Not a single chance! Light sleeps in Ravens room!" I yelled. I heard all laugh except for Light. I smiled, and closed my eyes. Soon I was sleeping dreamlessly. After what seemed like seconds, I heard Sams voice right by my side. "Hello, Luna. Sleeped well?" he whispered. I opened my eyes, but it wasn't Sam. It was Raven! I opened my mouth to scream, but he laid his hand on my mouth. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." he said and smiled. Suddenly, he changed his attitude, and looked pained. "I'm sorry! I don't want to do this!" he whispered, and my bed, my room, the whole cave disappeared. Instead we were in a strange room, with skyblue walls and ceiling, the floor was as green as grass, and someone had painted a golden sun in one of the walls. Raven didn't look pained anymore, he was smiling in some evil way again. I swallowed. Before us was a tall man. He had yellow hair, like the sun, and reddish orange eyes. He seemed to be from 25 years to 30, and he was handsome. My intuition told me I was standing before Helios, the sungod. "So you're the daughter of my sister? Or do you considere yourself daughter of the moon itself?" Helios said. I wasn't able to respond, I was too scared. I swallowed again. Helios sneered. "She's the one that is supposed to become imortal, when there has been enough full moons after her fifthteenth birthday? She doesn't seem like much to me. Can't even talk." he said to Raven. Then I got angry. "What have I done to you?! I didn't want to be a moon nymph! Still you want to kill me! That isn't fair!" I exclaimed. "Life isn't fair. Your friend here learned it the hardest way." Helios said and looked meaningfully at Raven, who just stared at the floor.
  13. I felt bad for Raven, even if I knew he'd kidnapped me and gave me to the person - or should I say god? - who wants the most to kill me. Sure, call me weird, but I remembered when Raven'd looked pained and said he didn't want to do that, and I believed him. "Take care of her. I need to make sure the chariot is ready to go." Helios said and disappeared. I looked at Raven, and there was the pained expression again. "What?!" I asked annoyed. "Why do you look pained when it was YOU that kidnapped ME?!" I said, still angry. "Didn't I tell you before? I don't want to do this, but I need to." Raven answered, and turned his back to me. Slowly, my anger turned into sadness, and I sat down. My eyes teared up. I let out a loud sob, and Raven froze. He turned around, and his eyes found me in the ground. He stared wide-eyed at me, and then he knelt next to me, and stroked my hair gently. I was to busy sobbing to care about that, and when I didn't stop him, he hugged me, trying to confort me. "H-Hey... It's okay... I won't let you die..." he whispered. "How will I know that? It's your fault I'm here in the first place." I mumbled. He didn't answer in a while. "I know." he finally said. "But I can take you away from here." he continued. I looked up to find his face very close to mine. Reaaaally close... "What do you mean? How?" I asked, instantly getting happier. "You see this amulet?" he asked, and showed me it. It was made of silver, it was a small chain that got thicker and thicker the more it came to the middle, and on the middle was an onyx. I couldn't help but notice he was shirtless, and wow! He had abs! "Uh, yeah. What does it do?" I asked and shook my head to stop thinking about the fact he was shirtless, and about the abs... 'Woah! Stop thinking about it!' I though. "It ables me to teleport, and if someone's touching me, she or he'll teleport with me." he explained. "Oh. Will you get me out of here then?" I asked. "Hmm..." he said and in less then a second we were back in my room, with his arms still around me. "Now, if you excuse me..." he said and took a few steps back. "Wait! Won't you stay here?" I pleased. "Sam and the others wouldn't accept that." he said. He had a point.
  14. "But... You saved me!" I exclaimed. In less then a second, he was right in front of me, covering my mouth. "Shhh! Maybe I did, but if I hadn't taken you there, I wouldn't have to save you!" he whispered angry. I pushed away his hand. "I don't care! You saved me, and I owe you now." I whispered back. He sighed. "I'll stay near." he said, and disappeared. Right then someone knocked at the door. "Come in." I muttered and laid down on my bed. "Who were you talking with? It's 4 a.m." It was Light. "Ehm... No one... I sleeptalk sometimes." I lied. He didn't fall for it. "No you don't. I've seen you sleep, and you've never sleeptalked." 'Damn, I forgot he used to be my "dog"!' I though. "Uh... I... Why aren't you sleeping?" I asked, trying to change the topic. "Please. Don't you remember dogs tend to have good ears?" He said and rolled his eyes. "Oh. Right." I said, feeling dumb. "You haven't answered me." he said. I felt dumb again, for believing he'd forget his previuous question. I tried desperately to make a decent excuse. "Ehm... I'm really tired right now, can't we talk about it tomorrow?" I begged. "Today IS tomorrow." he chuckled. "I mean in a couple of hours or so." I said, and closed my eyes. "Fine." he chuckled again, and I heard the door close. "What are you going to tell him?" I heard Raven ask. "I have no idea..." I answered, not opening my eyes. "I kinda hoped that you'd come up with something..." I said. He laughed quietly. "I got nothing." he replied. "Now, would you mind disappearing from my room? 'Cause I'm really tired, and I think the though of you watching me sleep is sort of creepy..." I said. He laughed again. "Sure, but where'd I go?" he asked. "I don't know. Can't you teleport to some hotel that's close to here?" I answered. "Do you have any idea of where we are?" he asked. I opened my eyes, and looked at him. "In some forest...?" It was the first time I actually though of it. "Yes, but we're not in your world anymore. This is MY world. The magical world, the world where you and every magical creature were born. The world of Etheria. There is no hotel around here" he laughed.
  15. "Oh." was all I could say, staring wide-eyed at some empty space, like the door. The guys had brought me to THEIR world, and didn't even tell me? Wait. Did he say I was born here too? So, when Alice and my other friends said jokingly that I was from another world when I acted crazy, they were actually RIGHT? I got angry. Why hadn't anyone told me?! Fine, so maybe it's because no one knew it, but Light knew! He could have said something! Anything! I had believed my WHOLE life that I was just another normal girl, when I was actually an unique creature?! Yeah, that's right, I'm a CREATURE! I'm not even human! I wanted to cry, so angry I was. I don't cry when I feel anger, so it means it wasn't just anger. I was sad too. I didn't know why, but I was. I wished that I'd lived in Etheria my whole life, or that I wasn't a moon nymph. Argh, I just wanted to scream to the sky, and to all the gods of this world: WHY ME?! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU?!
  16. "Ehm, Luna?" I heard Raven whisper. "Your eyes are glowing silver." he said. I stared at him in disbelief, and when I did that, it seemed he needed all his willpower to look into my eyes. "I-It's kinda scary..." he stammered. "I-I'll leave you to sleep." he said quickly and disappeared. I looked for some mirror, and I almost screamed when I found one. The girl in the mirror looked exactly like me, except her eyes were silver, like Raven said, and she looked really, really pissed... As I watched, startled, the silverglow in the eyes slowly began to fade. After a few moments it was normal again. I walked slowly back to my bed, and a few seconds after closing my eyes again I was sleeping dreamlessly.
  17. Yep, that's right. As you probably already guessed is this a CLIFFHANGER. Sorry it was so late, I'm reeeeaaally lazy. But I tried to make this longer, and I promess I'll try to make the next part faster, okay? Au Revoir!(I'm having french at school, so I'm going to use a little french in the quiz series)

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