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Okay,i'm sorry that this took so long.I'm trying something new,where i make one quiz,wait to post it and try writing the next part as fast as i could.

But it didn't really work.I'm already halfway done with the next quiz,oh and btw,WHAT SHOULD THE DOG NAME BE OUT OF THESE CHOICES!vote in the comments!DEW.AKITA,OR SHADOW?which one?

Created by: KaliaRox

  1. It's the last three days of winter break.You are woken up by something licking your face.You groan.You rub your eyes,and open them to see your still unamed puppy.You have a couple of names in mind.Dew(by Xx 3mo_Star xX),Shadow(by sundaisy),and Akira(by AiFiahK3mE).You couldn't decide.He(the puppy)nudges you to get up.You playfully roll him over on his back and give him a belly rub.You get up,yawn,and get ready for the day ahead.Someone knocks on the door."Come in!"You respond.Jessie comes in."Have you named the puppy yet?"She asks expectantly,eyes beaming at the cute,small orange puppy running to greet her."Not yet."You grin."You know,if you don't name him soon,he may only answer to the nickname Kail gave him.You don't want that to happen."Jesse says smiling.You laugh.Kail calls the puppy Mr.Shmoopykinilanacree.It annoys the h*ll out of you.(until we find out the name,i'll just refer to the dog as Mr.Shmoopykinilanacree,but Mr.Shmoopy for short) "I gotta come up with a name fast."You tell her.You both leave the room with Mr.Shmoopy trailing behind excitedly.He was so small right now.But you knew,in less than a year,he'd be about the same size as a Great Dane.You ruffle his head an smile."MR.SHMOOPYKINILANACREE!"Kail screams running over picking him up off the ground.Mr.Shmoopy growled at Kail and barred his teeth.Kail takes a few steps back.Score:Kail 0,Mr.Shmoopy 1.Jesse and you both laugh.Kail looks at you barres his teeth,and winks.He stands up and wraps you in his arms.You feel your face turn red."If you gave me a penny for my thoughts I'd have just one penny, because i only think about one thing and that's you."He says and pokes your nose playfully.He lets go,and yells downstairs,"Are you guys done making breakfast!"Jacob immediatly runs over and whisper yells"Don't wake _____ up-oh hey _____!"He says instantly smiling nervously.Then he turns to Kail."Geez!You ruined the surprise!"He runs upstairs and offers his hand to you.You take it,and he leads you downstairs,where Elijah(basically the cook,when you don't cook)has made you your favorite breakfast.Jacob looks at you,and squeezes your hand before letting go,so you can sit down.Kail immediatly sits down and rubs his hands together."I'm starving!"He says.From where you're standing,you can practically hear his stomache roar.Everyone sits down,except for Elijah who is serving.He first serves you,then Jacob,then Jon,then Jesse,then himself,and finally an annoyed looking Kail."I never thought i'd see the day,when I annoyed,the great Kail!"He jokes.Kail rolls his eyes and starts eating annoyed.The breakfast looks absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious.You were about to take a bite when you hear Jon start to bombilate.Everyone watched him until he stops.You finish first,and walk back to your room.You walk in and reel back a bit.Your room is a mess(if i was there,i'd freak out.I have organization phobia's).You shake your head and start cleaning.
  2. You're about halfway done when you hear a knock on the door."Come in."You tell whoever it is.Jacob slowly enters and sits down on your bed."Hey,"You greet him."Whatcha' doin?"He says smiling."Cleaning my room."You reply."Need any help?"He says springing to his feet."Sure."You reply.You both clean the mirrors,vaccum the floor,he helps make your bed,fluff your pillow,put everything away thats on the floor,and in no time,your done!"Thanks!"You say excitedly hugging him.He puts his arms around you returning the hug.You pull away and grin at him.He grins to,gives you a quick peck on the lips,and then sits on your bed.He pats the spot next to you."Hey,have you put your mom's necklace on?"He asks.You shake your head no."Can I put it on you?"He says smiling from ear to ear.You can't help but stiffle a laugh.Whether you like him or not,you gotta admit that his smile was amazing."By all means,be my guess."You say handing him the necklace,and lifting your hair up.You feel the slight sensation that gives you goosebumps,as his hands bump into your neck trying to get the clasp to hook onto the other little thingy.After it's done,you two just lay down next to each other and talk for a bit.You ask him his story."Well,mine isn't as sad as Elijah's,but it's something.I grew up in a family of five(three kids,two adults).It was perfectly fine.I'm the middle child.My older brother is in college,and is about to graduate.My little sister,was my life.She was seven years younger than me.I would always play with her,protect,and just talk to her."He had a far away look in his eyes."That's why I was traumitized,when she died two years ago."He says sounding a bit bitter.You see the begginings of tears in his eyes,the far away look vanishing."The king of Yimir,Jasper's father,made a population rule.It was quickly sent to where we lived,even though we don't live under his reighn.He had bandits hired to kill all the third children of families.One day,two years ago when I came home from school,I found a bandit pointing a gun at her head.Before I could stop him,he pulled the trigger."He said.You saw tears cascading down his cheek."This is why,I hate Jasper and his father.Jasper is only trying to marry you so he can get his dads crown,and evil will spread faster than a forestfire.Making even more rules,and he will overshadow our peaceful land."He says,eyes turning dark.You put your hand on his shoulder to stop him.You wipe away his tears,and give him a comforting hug.He looks at you gratefully.You see a sparkle in his eyes as you both lean into each other to share a kiss.Like the first time he kissed you,it was magical.There was butterflies flying around inside of you.Unlike the first kiss,this kiss was way longer.Maybe about a minute went by,before you had to stop to catch your breath.Just as you pull apart,the door opens.Your heartrate speeds up.You both laugh when you see that somehow it was Mr.Shmoopy.He runs and tackles Jacob so that he's lying down on your bed.You break down laughing.
  3. Your still laughing when Jon and Kail enter your room."Hey _____?What's so funnny?"Jon asks.Before you could reply Kail goes and tackles Mr.Shmoopy off of Jacoba and onto the floor:Mr.Shmoopy:1 Kail:1.Tied.You laugh even harder.By now your stomach hurts.Jacob sits back up.Jon notices his puffy eyes and says,"Hey bro,you been crying?"Jacob just glares at him and leaves the room."What's wrong with him?"He asks taking Jacob's spot on your bed next to you."Jacob just told me about his little sister."You say frustrated." time I see him,i'll apologize."He says firmly."Anyway,It's time to train on your water ability.This time though,we have a new tutor.scratch that-tutors."He said emphasizing the 's' in tutors.You look at him suspiciously."Okay,so leave so I can change please."You say gesturing towards the door.He leaves,and as he crosses the doorway,you yell at him,"DON'T FORGET TO APOLOGIZE TO JACOB!"He turns around and gives you a 'what are you,my mom?'look.You challenge his look with a glare of your own.After a few minutes,he throws his hands up."You win!You win."He mumbles.You grin,and rush to close the door.You lock it,and change into your training clothes.You run out the door,past the mesmorizing beautiful forest and lake,to the clearing you first went to to train with Jon.You sit in the middle of the ground,waiting for your tutor(s).You duck your head as you feel it start to rain.It feels so nice on your skin.It feels like the wetness,and water is apart of you.You lie down,face facing the ground.It just feels......natural to you."Okay.So what's your name?We're here to tutor you,on,water."You hear a familiar voice,that must've been standing over your head."Yeah,we need to get this over with.We heard that Prince Jasper is after you.As we know,he knows fire,so water will help you defend against him,since it's been proven that if someone controls an element,their personilty,their very selves,is just like that element.So get up.What is your name anyway?"Another familiar voice says.You gasp,recognizing who these voices belong to.You look up to see........................
  4. Afiah and Emilie.Along with Zeke and Grant of course."_____!"Afiah exclaims.Zeke offers his hand to help you up.You take it and he lifts you up with surprisiing strength.You look at Afiah questioningly."We also have powers.Since Afiah and I are twins,we have most of the same powers.We can both control water.She can turn invisible,but I can melt things.Whenever I want,I can touch something and it will melt to the ground.I can control whether or not it melts though.Example."Emilie says taking Grant's hand,and interlacing it in her own hand.She let's go,and grabs a stick sticking out of the snow covered ground.You see it start to melt slowly,until it turns to a sizzling blob on the floor."So i'm guessing that Zeke has strength,but what does Grant have?"You ask.You see Grant's head lower a bit."Grant..ummm...he is one of those rare cases in a magical family with twins when only one twin gets powers.But,I love him anyway."Emilie say looking loviningly into Grant's eyes."Okay,back to training."Afiah says."First I want you to think about one thing.Purity,calmness.Focus on that feeling.You will feel something in your head tell you that it is time.When that happens,open your eyes,and think about water,moving water,or even making water appear.Whatever you imagine,will happen with your water.Try it."Afiah tells you earnestly."Okay!"You laugh.You clear your mind.You think of what calm is,the meaning,what it can look like,and every form like that.Just like Afiah said,something clicks in your mind.Your eyes flash open.You bring water up,using your arms and hands to guide it,and make it spray everywhere,causing more rain.You take a big thing of water from the lake,aim it in the direction of the house,and let it go,just above the chimney.Almost immediatly you see the guys and Jesse come out yelling"What's the big idea?"and"What was that for?".The five of you,Grant,Zeke,Emilie,and Afiah burst out laughing.You fall to the ground and start crying because you're laughing so hard."That was you ______?I thought it was one of them."Elijah says pointing to Afiah and Emilie."Nope.All me."You say smiling coyly."NICE!"Kail says high fiving you.You grin."She's a quick learner isn't she?"Jonathon says to Afiah and Emilie."Yup,we weren't even training for five minutes before she got it.She's a natural."Emilie says.Afiah nods.
  5. You freeze when you all suddenly hear faint singing."Where's that coming from?"Grant asks with a suprisingly deep voice,surprising you because you haven't heard from him in like....actually,he's never said anything in front of you.You shrug."Shh.Let's find out."Jacob says.The singing continues on,but you can't find the source of it.It's a very beautiful voice,almost hypnotizing.And stops."Weird."Grant says breaking the silence.You think."Be right back guys."You say and hurry behind a tree,trudging through the snow in your snowboots and workout jacket.You're gonna start a snowball war.With your newly trained water power,you take water from the lake,arrange it in a spot,and turn it into snow,making a snow fort!You quickly build snowballs,and wait for someone to come looking for you.Before anyone shows,you quickly think to Elijah about your plan,because you couldn't do it alone.He agrees to help.Elijah comes and crouched down beside you."Make me a fort?"He asks innocently.You laugh and make him a fort."What do they think your doing?"You ask him."They think i'm going to scare off a squirrel."He replies sinisterly."Nice,anyway-""Quiet,I hear Jon and Jacob's thought's coming here.They're suspicious."He says seriously.You nod.You then hear footsteps,so you hide behind the fort hoping that it'll blend in with the ground.Apparently,it did.You take out a bunch of snowballs."Ready....and..."You whisper to yourself."FIRE!"You throw the snowballs at them at a rate of 3 seconds flat per snowball.Elijah's doing the exact same thing,but a little faster.You hear Jon and Jacob's surprise screams.You laugh,because they sound very shrill and high pitched.They finally get what's happening and fight back.You stand up to get more snow when you see something really funny and cute happen.Afiah,Zeke,Emilie,Grant,and Kail finally come searching you guys,probably after hearing Jon and Jacob's girly screams.You see Jon accidently throw one at Afiah.Zeke steps in front of her just in time.He catched the snowball,and the look on his face says it all.Jon.Was.Screwed.He starts going at Jon.The two superstrong guys going head to head.You had to see this.They were about to go at it,when you saw a snowball come at your own face.
  6. You close your eyes, as your hands instinctivily fly to your face to protect it from the impending blow.You wait.It never comes.Just as it would've hit you,you feel arms wraps around your waist,and then you hear a soft thud.Curious for why it never hit you,you open your eyes to see Elijah's grinning face looking down at you(remember,he is 5'11").You see a bit of snow on the top of his shoulder.You stare at him gratefully."Thanks."You breathe.He laughs,"I don't know about you or the others,but a snowball to the face hurts a hecka lot,while one on the back is very slight.Thank goodness i'm tall."He says chuckling.Then he turns serious."You know that we'll always protect you."He says looking down at you grinning sweetly."Even if it our own lives at stake or in danger.We're always here for you.No matter what."He releases you,because he's getting death glares from everyone but the five(Jessie,Zeke,Grant,Afiah,Emilie).You walk behind him and brish off the whole lot of snow on his back and shoulders."Thanks."He says.You look over at the bloodwar of Jon and Zeke.Zeke has him practically buried under the snow.Jon gets up,and sends a snow-boulder at Zeke.Zeke calls in for reinforcements,and Emilie,Afiah,and Grant come to the rescue.Soon,a Jessie,Jacob,Kail,and Elijah come as reinforcments for Jon.You decide to help Zeke's team because Kail duplicated himself.It was intense.You could practically feel the stiffness in the air,as everyone was hiding,ready to ambush the other people on the opposing team.You knew that this fight had the potential of being an actual war.If it had been any more hardcore,you would've painted those little smudges on your cheeks like the movies.You couldn't help but notice the pang of guilt and restraint in the eyes of the guys as they threw snowballs at you.A rustle from the bush behind your hiding tree scares you.Your eyes dart over,just to see a squirrel.'Awesome.That thing scared me.'You turn around,and scream when you come face to face with Jon."You're easy to fool.I just snuck right behind you when you looked at the oh-so scary squirrel."He says mocking you with a scared voice at the end.He smiles warmly at you,but then he grabs a snowball,and playfully throws it at you.He tosses it,so it lands right on your,hair.Messing it up.You give him a look,that sends a scared look on his face."Oh it's so on!Never mess with a girls hair."You say in a deadly voice.Back to snowwar mode.Killer snow ninja time.
  7. You threw a snowtorpedo at him,only to have it miss terribly.You curse under your breath."Haha,is that the best you can do?"He says in a teasing way."Hahaha."You fake laugh."Wanna make a quick deal?"You ask him.He hesitates before answering."What kind of deal?"He asks."If you close your eyes,and let me go,I won't betray you while your eyes are closed."You say.He ponders this."Fine."He says.He closes his eyes."And don't you dare,betray me."You add."Darn."He mumbled loud enough for you to hear.You run behind the nearest tree.You make a big snowball.Like huge.You peek over the side of a tree,just barely so he couldn't see you,and see him walking around,looking behind the nearest trees.He goes over to your tree.As he looks around one way,you go the other.It's just like those movies.Until,you are behind him,and he doesn't notice.You take the chance and smash the snowball on top of his head,so that it gets in his hair,his face,etc.He flies around,with his hysterically messy hair.You quickly shrink,and faceplant in the snow(it's so fun!You should try it!).Another bad idea.He instinctivily grabs snow to make into a snowball.You were in the snow.You were inside the hollow snowball with just enough space to crouch down into the fetal postion.You start digging your way out.You poke your head out,just as he throws the snowball.The second he throws it,he sees your head,and instantly reaches out to grab it again with a look of fear and regret on his face.But he couldn't.You soar through the air,at like 50miles per hour.It feels like a rollercoaster ride!It was fun,and effective.Now you were wondering something else.Oh crap.What happens when I hit the person.You were about to find out,when someone caught you.You look up,and see...Jon?!He was panting.He quickly got you out of the snowball.You grow big again,and he throws his arms around you,nearly tackling you to the ground."You're okay."He says.You hear the worry in his voice.He holds you out infront of him so you guys are about 1 1/2 feet away.He looks over you,as if to make sure that you were okay.It was really sweet.His eyes looked all frantic.He had messed up hair,and he was panting,from running so fast to catch you.He once again gave you a big bear hug.Maybe a little bit to tight.Not by much,you just couldn't,you know,breathe."Umm.Jon-"You say in between gasps for air."I-can't-breathe."He gets the point,and releases you.You feel goosebumps as air floods into your lungs.It felt great.Just as your about to say something,you get hit in the back of the head with a snowball.It hurt.And whoever through it was gonna pay.Badly.You see Jon glare at whoever it was.You spin around,ready to attack.It was...Kail,of course.You sprint after him,trudging through the snow as fast as you could.You are gaining closer,and closer on him,until he is within throwing range.With a snowball in hand,you are about to throw it at him,when another hand grabs your wrist.You narrow your eyes at Kail#2.Then Kail#3 grabs your other wrist,so that you drop the snowball.Kail#1 comes back with a snowball in his hand.Tossing it in the air.He drops it.He looks at you sheepishly.You roll your eyes.He bends down,and makes another snowball.He throws it,but another figures flies in front of you to take the bullet-again.You strain your neck to see who it was.Of course,it's Kail#4.He swats Kail#2&3's hands away,and aims a snowball at Kail#1.Kail#1 fell down from the force of the snowball.Only you,and Kail were standing,while Kail,Kail,and Kail were all either in shock,or on the ground.Let me tell you.And I ain't gonna lie,the whole thing was messed up,but in a funny Kail kinda way.You laughed.Kail(#4) faced you,and grabbed both of your hands."You okay _____?You're face is red."He says concerned.It's true.Your face was red.You were holding back the laugh of the century.You just nod."I think the wars over.I think Jon just gave in."He says gesturing over to Jon,who was walking with his head drooping low.Jon walks over to you."Your team won.Now,who wants hot cocoa?"He asks.You immediatly raise your hand.You loveee hot cocoa.It was the best thing in the world.You rush inside,not caring what they thought of you.The house was warm.Your hands felt like they were about to fall off.Your eyes almost watered as you saw Grant passing out the hot cocoa to the winning team first,then the losing.You sat down triumphantly.
  8. Grant hands you a cup of hot cocoa.You look at it like,it's an alien from another world.You slowly drink the warm.Chocolatey.Goodness that you've been secretly craving.You savor every,last bit of the cocoa.Your even happier when you get seconds xD.You take a sip,and accidently spill it all over your lap.You shriek,and the plastic mug falls uselessly to the floor.Jacob immediatly comes to your rescue with a rag.You thank him as you rush to your room to change.The cocoa stings as you quickly chane and throw the jeans/pants you were wearing in the washing machine.You rush back downstairs to ensure everyone that you're okay.Everyone's already down there.They're all laughing,and discussing strategy's about the war.How Zeke won,because he finally got Jon to give in.Or how weird Kail had been.It was all strategy.And your team had won.*TIME FAST FORWARD*Afiah and Emilie stayed talking to you guys until maybe about 1AM.You fell asleep on the couch.But you instantly jolt up when you feel someone pick you up into their arms,and start walking upstairs with you against there muscular chest an hour later.Your head collides with Jacob's chin.You have to admit.He may have been an inch shorter than you,but he was strong!"Ouch."He says,while you hold your hand to your forehead."Sorry about that,are you okay?"You say still somewhat drowsily."Yes.I'm fine.Now go back to sleep."He urges you quietly.You look up at his eyes,to see them looking back down at you.Gosh.He had beautiful eyes.They were just smile to yourself,and lay your head against his chest,and close your eyes.You finally drift off to sleep,listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.*JACOB'S POV*'Gosh,she looks so cute when she sleeps.She looks like sleeping beauty...I might call her that from now on.'You gently lay her down on her bed.You pull the covers over her,and brush the stray hairs out of her face.You hear music,the same singing you heard earlier today.You look around suspiciously.Then you notice her new necklace.*BACK TO YOUR POV*You're in a field.There are flowers in every direction.You're lying down,watching the clouds roll by.You lift your hands up,as if to touch it,when a butterfly lands on your hand.It looks at you with concern in it's eyes."What's wrong?"You ask it.It's response,is a flap of it's left wing,and it flies off.The ground rumbles beneath you.The clear sky's suddenly turn dark red.A violent lurch in the ground creates an endless abyss less than 13 feet away from you.You panic.You start running in the other direction,but another violent lurch sends you flying through the air.As that happens,you see a figure roll out of the ground,and over in your direction.You fall hard on the once soft ground,and realize your bleeding.You look up at the figure,which is wearing ragged torn clothing,with red cracky skin.It points to the sky."This is what'll happen if you marry Jasper."It hisses.You wake up.You're drenched in sweat.You look at your arm,that was bleeding in the dream,and see that it is indeed bleeding.Your head pulses,and you fall back asleep from anxiety.
  9. You wake up again,and your headache is gone.Your eyes instantly roll to your arm,which is not bleeding,but you see a faint scar where the cut would've been.That dream....was so real.As if he knew what was wrong,Mr.Shmoopy came over and nuzzled your hand.You smile weakly at him,and get up.You're about to get dressed,when there's a knock on your door.You go to open it,and see Jacob there."Hey,"You wave to him."Hey.We need to talk.All of us are waiting downstairs."He says concerned.You nod."Just give me a minute."With that you close the door.You quickly get through your morning rituals,and hurry downstairs.Like Jacob said,everyone was downstairs waiting."What did you want to talk about."You say.You can't help but feel like you're being excluded.Kail looks at you,and looks at a chair.You roll your eyes,but sit in the chair."We need to know where you got that necklace."Jacob said."I told you,I got this from my mom."You reply."No,the other one."Jasper's necklace."Well..I..umm I got it from Jasper's castle."You say after deciding to tell them the truth."Take it off."Elijah says."What?"You ask innocuously."I said take it off!"He said in a more loud tone.You didn't like it.Not one bit."Why?"You challenge."Can't I wear something of my own free will?""_____ for all we know there could be a tracking device in it."Jon says annoyed.You stare at them in disbelief.You go into the other room,grab a jacket,open the front door,and yell out to them "I'M GOING OUT FOR A WALK.ALONE."With that,you leave the house,agaisnt all the protests that you hear back.You wonder around thinking angrily,until you hear the music again.Suddenly aware of your surroundings,you gasp.It's the field from your dreams.
  10. Who do you like so far?Read the above paragraphs!

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