Magic and boys part 28!

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Created by: sami123

  1. You all look around. You were in a wooden cottage. Its was pretty nice. "Uhm.." You say. "_______? Did you know that you weren't supossed to take us back to the mansion?" Alex asks. You were confused. "Whaaat?" You say. "They have located our 'Hideout' so If we go back there they'd know where we were and take you again." Max explained. You got it now. "Oh right.." You say. This cottage seems familar to you somehow. Like you've been here before. "Come on guys lets take a look around." Alex says.
  2. They walk in a direction and are gone within seconds. YOu notice that there are stairs right beside you. You slowly start to climb them.
  3. The stairs arent very long. Maybe about 15 or 20 of them. But there are four rooms. Two on the right. And two on the left. The doors wooden and shut. You try to decide weither to go in the rooms. You decide to go in the first room on the left. You Carefully open to the door and it creaks.
  4. You walk into a light blue room. Its small but still nice. You look around the room and find one small twin bed,A dresser with dusty kid clothes on them,and another door. You walk to the other door. You open it and find it's the closet. You walk back to the door.
  5. You walk to the room across it. It has the sun carved into it's door. Feeling curious of why thats on there,you walk into that room.
  6. Its a fairly big room,painted a grayish color. In it is a queen sized bed,two dressers,two closets. You figured it was the owners room. There wasn't really anything exciting about this room but its slightly familiar to you.. You wonder why. Wondering this you walk out and into the second room across the hall. It doesn't have a symbol on the door like the last one. You walk into the room. Its dark in there. The curtains aren't open so no sunlight gets in. You find the lightswitch and try it,but it doesn't work. You sigh and walk to the window and pull the curtains. Suddenly light fills the room. Your almost blinded by the sun.
  7. This room is painted a very light red. Almost pink. And it smells like roses in here. There's a small twin bed. You notice there isn't any bed sheets like all the others. You think that is strange. Theres a dresser and a closet. No pictures on the walls or anything. Anyways,You walk out and into the last room.
  8. Right when you walk in you smell the familiar sent of the woods. Like your there. You smile somewhat. You look at the room. The walls are beautiful yellow and the sun seems brighter in here. On the little twin bed is a strange patter ned quilt. You were confused about why this would be the only room with a quilt on the bed. This room is the most familiar. You go and sit on the bed feeling its comfyness and warmth.
  9. You hear the boys calling your name but your in such a daze right now. You start to get sleepy. You fight to keep your eyes open. You yawn. You hear he guys start to walk up the steps. Calling your name even louder. "I'm in here.." You mumble.
  10. Finally you close your eyes and fall into the black.
  11. Okay thats it for part 28 comment and rate?

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