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Okaii sorry for taking so long I can only make these at dads and I go here every other weekend and he's getting surgury on his knee soon so he's been home

and I don't know how long after the surgury he's gonna go back to work so bear with me okaii. Please be patient and wait for the next quiz. Thankies!!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. Your eyes fly open. The first thing to come out of your mouth is, "Guys?" Your voice cracks from how dry your throat is. "Guys?" You say louder. They all come in the room in a rush. "Are you okay?" Alex asks. "Do you feel any different?" Max asks. "Different?" You say. "Max you're scaring her!" Fang says. "What do you mean by 'different'?" You ask. None of them anwser. "Well?" You say waiting. [_______] gently grabs your hand and you stand up. He leads you into the bathroom.
  2. You stop in front of the mirror. You look at your reflection and you freeze. Your breath getting caught in your throat. "What.. How..?" You say. Your hair is now longer than it was. Still all black. But now to the middle of your back. Your eyes a strange blue-ish purple. Your taller. More poised. (Sp?) Your skin a doll pale white. "We don't know what it means yet. But we're thinking its from this house." Alex says. "My house." You whisper. "This was my house.. I lived here before. And thats why I'm like this. Thats why we're here." You say. You aren't sure how you know this. But you just do.
  3. "Are you sure?" Alex asks. You turn and look at him. "How else can you explain this?" You ask. "I know this place. I've been here. I used to live here." You say. "I know. I can see it in your mind." He says. "We can't stay here for long. We're still close to Her HQ. I can smell it." Max says. "He's right." Fang says. "We'll stay here for a couple days,try to figure out some stuff." Alex says. "I'm gonna take a shower." You say surprised there was a shower when you hadn't even looked. "Alright." Alex says and they walk out and leave you alone in your room.
  4. You shut the door. You turned to the mirror and looked at yourself again. You don't look much different but you are. You feel stronger, more powerful. You smile and your teeth are perfectly straight. And perfectly white. You shrug and start the water. You look around for a towel and see one. You can't help but keep looking in the mirror.
  5. You feel the water and its warm enough. You hurry in your shower and when your done you get dressed and go back into your room. Your stomach growls loudly. You decide you need to eat and you go downstairs. You immediatly smell food. You smile to yourself a little and follow the smell which leads you to a room with beautiful granite counters. (Sp?) And beautiful stone floor. Everything about this house was,well,beautiful.
  6. Alex reads your mind and looks over at you with a smile on his face. You wonder why Fang and Max aren't in here. "They're outside,Making sure we aren't being watched." He said. You nod and sit at the wooden table. Alex puts some bacon on a plate and continues making eggs. It got pretty awkward. You don't know why. Alex makes your plate and hands it to you. You smile at him. "Thanks." You say and start eating. Fang walks in,followed by Max. "All clear." He says and looks at you. Alex nods. They grab a plate and make their food. "So.. How long are we gonna stay here?" You ask. Alex shrugs. "Don't know." He says. You see the sun setting. You are still very tired. They sit down. [________] sits beside you. He smiles. "I like the new look." He says. You can't help but laugh a little. "I don't know if I can get used to it though." You say.
  7. You finish eating. Its about 9:00pm. You yawn and stand up. "Well goodnight guys." You say. "Goodnight." They say. As you walk upstairs you feel the air get colder. 'maybe I left a window open..' You think. 'wait,But its summer..' You continue in your head. You walk into your room and lay down,burying yourself under the blankets. You fall asleep quickly rolled up in a ball and tangled in the covers.
  8. You're dream is vivid. Almost real.. Your in a meadow. Surrounded by trees. You hear a stream flowing near by. You see a little girl sitting in the middle of the meadow. Singing to herself softly. You slowly walk up behind her. Birds are chirping. The wind blows softly. "I've been waiting for you." Says the little girl. Her voice soft but serious.
  9. "What do you mean?" You ask. "I mean,I've been waiting for you to come." She says. "Come where?" You ask moving closer. She giggles a little. "Here. To my world." She says. Purple clouds move over the sun making dark shadows over the meadow. You move in front of her and sit down. You gasp. She looks like you once did when you were her age. "You must hurry,Train while you have time. It's all going to happen soon." She says,her big blue eyes looking into yours. "How soon?" You ask. "Very." she says. The sun comes back out and warms your skin. "Your already matured now. They'll be coming. She'll be coming. You don't have much time." She says.
  10. "What are you talking about?" You ask already knowing the answer. "The battle! You must know this! You still have alot to learn. But we have so little time.." She says. "Who's 'we'?" You ask. "Me. You! Fang! Alex! Max! Everyone!" She says. "Do you want to die like your great aunt did? Do you want to lose? What about your life with [______]? You want to make a family with him don't you? You don't want to have Crystal take on this responsibility do you?" She continues. "You don't want to live here for the rest of your life right?!" Shes panting now. "Your right. I will win this battle. Even if I have to die,I will still win." You say thinking of [______].
  11. "Than go! Wake up! Don't waste anymore time talking to me!" She says. "Bur-" You begin. "Go!" She says and everything starts to fade. Dissapear. Everythings black. You feel like your falling. Than your eyes flash open and you sit up in your bed.
  12. Okaii thats the end. I know it toook like a month to make and i'm sorry.. But comment rate and yeah. Haha.. Oh and one more thing.. I need your names for the characters kaii?
  13. Okaii thats the end. I know it toook like a month to make and i'm sorry.. But comment rate and yeah. Haha.. Oh and one more thing.. I need your names for the characters kaii?

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