Magic Love Part 2

I think this is better than part 1.Sorry It took so long Its becuase of school.It may seem boring but I need to tell you stuff like the boys,your name and your power.

I only get to work on this for 1 hour a day.3 times a week.There will be an extra boy in part 4!Will there be more girls?well 3 more girls in part 10.

Created by: Sheng

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  1. You woke up in a room,It was pretty.You hear footsteps.You pretend to go back to sleep.You hear someone say"She is still asleep!" Then "Shhhhhh!".
  2. You stood up.CLONK!You bumped your head with Max.He said you were awake!
  3. Cody stood up and told you that your ex-boyfriend Matheww and Max got into a fight then He brought you here.
  4. Then Caleb said"You are a mythical creatcher.You said "What?".You are Mythical.Then you said"Im what kind of mythical creatcher?".Max said"A Mermaid."
  5. Im a mermaid!They must be crazy.You think."Katie,we are not crazy if you think we are"says Cody.
  6. "Now that you know about yourself,Its time to intraduce ourselfs Max is a vampire but not a bloodsucking and mean one.Caleb is a werewolf and Im a angle.
  7. You will have to live with us becuase that now that your 15 your life has changed.
  8. Ooops forgot to metion you have nicknames.You said"Im going home.".No you can't said Caleb."We asked your mom and she said okay."
  9. "Fine"you say.The next morning when you went to school.At lunch time you went to eat with your bffs."Its time you found out said Molly."Yeah" said Anna."Wait,you know about the you know what?" you ask."Yes." they say.
  10. When you were walking home you feel dizzy and.......CLIFFHANGER!

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