Love is true for you part 4

Hey there have to rap this up gotta go so please ignore my rushing I wanna get this part outa the way so I can get a better story so watch epic rap battles of history

I'm writing as fast as I can right now wish I could freeze time to finish this cause I have to go now because of my mum and kangaroo houses of cards bye

Created by: lovelifelive

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  1. After the class you had the most dreaded lesson of all... BIOLOGY!!! With mr. Waltberry the strictest teacher in the whole school!
  2. You it next to cole in that class, "hi, ______ pleasure seeing you again" he said his gorgous British accent had you head over heels... But you knew better so you jut plainly said "hi cole" and sat down in your seat... Then suddenly the whole class fell silent as mr. Wiltberry walked in.... It felt like a horror movie, he walked to his desk and be gab the lesson "open your text books little mistakes" he shouted
  3. Everyone did as told the daren't disobey or be late.*skip to the next scene* you managed to geet through one of his lessons without getting a ditention, cole caught up to you and said " wow, he's definitale on crack." I couldn't help but laugh when a guy has an accent like that and says some thing funny it's just... Unexplainable
  4. You go to your locker and avoid cole for the rest of the day they just flirt with EVRY girl in the school and you didn't want to be another victim *skip to the next scene*
  5. Your at home when you get a text from says "hey meet me at *$" you reply " k" then wear whatever and go to meet racheal
  6. When you're there you order an espresso and go find racheal.... You find her sitting with...
  7. Cole and Shane
  8. You go get you drink and sit with them then
  9. Sorry have to end it there the police are hear to see who robbed u
  10. Jsjxkzjc

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