Pretty Nightmares Part 2

Pretty Nightmares part 2 is a terrible story/episode, cause. 1. I was rushing. 2. I was watching tv. 3. I wasen't in the mood that much. But I did it anyways.

Ignore this is a repeat of the 1 paragraph. Pretty Nightmares part 2 is a terrible story/episode, cause 1. I was rushing. 2. I was watching tv. 3. I wasen't in the mood that much. But I did it anyways.

Created by: AnimePhan
  1. I appear through a door, and I'm in a starry night sky. It looked like a painting. It was. It was the starry night sky painting. In a museum. I'm probably in Europe now! I try to get out the painting but people kept walking by, I get out and try to make a run for it at the door, But a security guard stopped me, and said something in french. "Did you just jump out of that painting. I nervously mummered, yes! GUARDS GET HER, SHE'S A THEIF in french. I started running through each hall. I wonder if I can hide in a painting again, hmmm. I see the scream and I jump right in, as the guards pass me, I start walking past The scream guy.
  2. I took a deep breathe and I just sat down. I couldn't. Take this no more. I got out the painting and The guards caught me, atleast I don't have to walk. They took me to this glowing door. The same door where I came from then I went through again. I was in my bedroom. AGAIN. But I was.. beautiful. I had an elegant bun, with to hair peices behind each ear, I had carrot diamond ring, pearls, and Red dress with a slit, and white and black pumps, I got out of the bed and Directly down stairs, I saw a man, a handsome one, I fell on one step and he caught me, Helloo I said, she covered my lips, and we started dancing into a ball room,
  3. We started dancing into the moonlight. **LILAC'S AND YUNO'S POV Ugh, she passed out and it lookes like she'll never wake up, but she's smiling. Maybe we should go inside her? Omg Yuno that's the best idea. But this isn't a fairy tail. Maybe we can go into her dreams/nightmares. with this wire. Hmmm, great idea. But we might be asleep to. But it's worth a cause, They both connected a wire, and a helmet to there heads, next thing you know. there Knocked out. they appear in...
  4. Cliffhanger, sorry for it being short. I wanted to hurry up. Part 3, will be MORE better and longer. I promise.
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  6. Alrighty then, Buh-bye!

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