Do You Qualify For The Royal Guards of TSWCAtS?

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So, I have a group on a website called ROBLOX. It's for people who think that they have what it takes to be a royal guard. The group is called The Royal Guards of the Small, Wet Country Across the Sea, or The Royal Guards of TSWCAtS.

What good is a royal guard group on the internet? Well, let me explain what we do. Basically, we host a YouTube series about our own original characters, the royal guards. It started out after roleplaying with each other and having a hilarious fun time together. One night, an idea popped into my head. What if we made a comic series about it, and voice acted for it and put it on YouTube? And so we did! Oh, and how we're royal guards? Well, I kinda dodged that question. We go into different places on ROBLOX making sure that people are following the rules of the game, and if they aren't, then we report them or politely tell them to stop. Well, you get the idea: Now you oughta take the quiz!

Created by: Pony Plorta
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  1. What do you think of My Little Pony?
  2. What is your opinion on bronies? (Grown men who like My Little Pony.)
  3. Trivia question: Which of the following is NOT a royal guard?
  4. On ROBLOX, are you fairly good at fighting?
  5. Do you like voice acting or singing?
  6. Do you hold grudges against the kinds of people below?
  7. Do you have an OC? (Original Character) If you do, then check the traits that your character has.
  8. Have you ever played ProjectEquestria's My Little Pony: Roleplay is Magic? (Is is a game on ROBLOX. If you do not play it I recommend you check it out immediately, because it is where a lot of group stuff takes place.)
  9. About how active are you on ROBLOX?
  10. Let's say one of your best friends is "trolling" somebody online. It looks to you like their joking, and it is funny! But the person they are "trolling" looks very sad and mad. What do you do?
  11. How did you enjoy the episodes we have out so far? :)

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Quiz topic: Do I Qualify For The Royal Guards of TSWCAtS?