Are You a Royal?

Are you royal enough for this quiz? See if you are a beautiful, strong, and powerful royal. Can you maintain a kingdom? Can you calm a land? Hmmmm....

Are you a royally good singer? What's your fav color? Is it royal? Where would your palace be? What's YOUR food? Find out in this amaze royal quiz!!!!

Created by: Suhana

  1. Do you love singing?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. What's your dream location?
  4. What's YOUR amaze food?
  5. Where would you spend Friday night?
  6. Are you a gala or ball?
  7. Pretty or not?
  8. Servants or not?
  9. How many pairs of shoes?
  10. Black tie or country?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Royal?