Love is true for you part 1

Hi this is my first series I might start another one soon and I hope you enjoy it and i need you to describe a character in the comment after the quiz with the name and description

I think a new part could come out around this week or the next but I won't promis I hope you like the quiz and leave a comment or rate because... Please do it

Created by: lovelifelive

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  1. You wake up in the morning to your alarm clock and head down stairs (ur parents have already gone to work) you eat your breakfast and go to school to another boring day...
  2. You reach school and head for your locker you suddenly stop to see some guy wearing a bandana around his arm and has brown eyes with ash brown hair and he is blocking your locker...
  3. You say to him "could you let me to my locker uhhh" " it's Travis baby the one and only b----" he said
  4. You roll your eyes and walk to your locker grab your books and head to class on your way you spot your boyfriend " hi babe" you say " listen... Umm theres some thing I have to tell you... I'm breaking up with u" he said
  5. You hold back the rage and say "its ok " you walk to your class (maths) and sit between your friends rachel and alex... rachel has redish-brown hair and deep emrald eyes, alex has brown hair and eyes and is quite skinny, he is the smartest in the class and is a good friend
  6. "hi____" said alex " hey alex " you say as cheerlessly as you can get "_____.. whats up?" " well...even(your ex) broke up with me" "well trust me it was his loss" said alex you begin to smile at his complement...
  7. after the class finishes you go to your locker and bump into your friend shane he has jet black hair deep brown eyes and a fit body he is smart perfect and always been there for you...
  8. " hi, shane" you say "hi ____, whats up" he says "nothing" you say "______ i know you broke up with evan" he say you say "who told you" you say "rachel told me, any way cya bye" he says as he walks away.
  9. *time forward* you walk home go to your room get ready for bedwhen you sleep you start to dream... CLIFFHANGER
  10. ok thaT IS THE END OF PART 1 i hope you enjoyed it and please comment or rate I might make a new one on the week ends but I'm not promising because I have test comming up sooooo bye

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