love and bloood 9

hi, k so I made another again and ya.........................................................................I really don't want to write this at all and it it so retarted andI am really tierd right now.

I still don't want to write this. It's stupid and I hate the way This has to be done. I don;t like writing this its retared.I don't want to write this

Created by: bla city

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  1. then...... (remember you are woth the young dude in the field.) he stands and offers you his hand. you look up at him and you notice he has gost white skin and dark brown hair that was flatened down and jelled. he looked strong but had no musles. you take his hand and you walk down a path to a woods away from the tea and warm sun light. Now it feels a bit cold , but the other guy looked fine, and just kept walking with his head facing the road.
  2. he stoped and faced you with his warm cinnamon eyes and cold white skin. he looked into yours and said"why are here?" you shrug, and keep looking at him. he keeps walking and says randomly, " My name is eljah. And you are?" you interdose your self and he nods his head and keeps walking on a slow pace. you are getting deeper into the woods and he still looks comfterble walking and talking to me as you c---inue to freeze, and still be able to walk and talk at the same time.
  3. Then you tell him you are getting cold so he gives you his coat. and all that was left was his white butten up shirt. he looked pretty good in too. you stare at him for a little bit and then back at the darkness that lay a head. you start to turn around a run back to the sun light where it was warm and safe. he didn't stop you when you ran. he just watched you run like a little girl.
  4. you go through the portal and back to where you were before you got sucked in and met elijah. he made you feel good. you went back to walking back to lauran. where ever he was, but you had a good feeling about where you were going. He was in the living room. you walked into the room, and as you thought there was lauran sitting on a couch watching twilight- eclipes. you sit down beside him and he puts his arm around you to show you were his. you smile as jake and edward are fighting. and bella was always middle no matter what situation. but edward was hot and so was his father.
  5. you walk up and shut off the tv and sat back down. he turns to you and looks at you. you start to talk, but nothing comes out of your mouth. then you find the words and you say."I need to talk to you, and this is about damen, my brother. Not the evil one that I haven't seen in my dreams lately.And I-" "waite, so you have seen damon in your dreams?" you remember you haven't told anyone except kanan. you don't speak after and he takes your hand. "we will get through this no matter what. don't worry." you smile and you kiss for a little. you take your head back and say," I met a guy named elijh. he looked really......neat and mysterious and liked tea, but it wasn't any tea, it was some kind of specail blend.
  6. he listens as you tell him your dreams so he can chach up with you. and he told you that if you get anything else you tell hi m right away.
  7. you feel so hungrey you think your going to die but, it's not food you want this time. it's blood.
  8. bye
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